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    Offside when ball goes dead

    Where they interfere with play, as being offside isn't an offence in itself. But taking part in the game while being offside is. "A player is offside in open play if that player is in front of a team-mate who is carrying the ball or who last played it. An offside player must not interfere with...
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    Flying wedge or not?

    I don't know. Perhaps it's classed as an attempted grasp. You can't grasp with feet so probably why that's no legal.
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    SH pulling the ball with their hands in a long ruck

    Now, I can't remember where I heard this. (Best guess is at a Q and A at my ref soc). We were told they can use their hands to roll it back, but as soon as they do this call "use it." If they roll it back with their foot, then call "use it" when the ball gets to the back foot. Personally While I...
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    Not offside he was dummying!!!

    This is what my Ref Soc has said. If it's within the 2d "ring" the ball, on the ground is in the ruck. If it's in the 2d "ring" but picked up then it's out and the 9 can be tackled. Outside the 2d "ring," the ball is playable and anyone who was onside at the time the ball came out can play it -...
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    Time Half Ends

    It was discussed, but nothing was presented that was definitive. Just opinions on how one would ref it. Personally for scrum advantage if there's no advantage after about 10 seconds I'll blow up for the scrum. Chances are I'll have shouted advantage over very shortly after this, if I've not...
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    Not offside he was dummying!!!

    I'd say it's not out because it's not past the rear most part of a player in the ruck. But I liked CR's response to that lmao
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    Not offside he was dummying!!!

    In that case the ball is pretty much always out of the ruck as it is nearly impossible for the ball to remain within the aforementioned elastic. It's not how I manage matches. If the ball is put down behind the attacking team's (team in possession); offside line I'll deem that as out. It just...
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    Not offside he was dummying!!!

    So looking at the video. He's put hands on the ball. The ball is in the ruck, not past the back foot of a bound player (see the close up on page 1 near the bottom). He then adjusts his footing to have a better passing angle. This isn't an action taken to try and deceive. The ref calls "No, no...
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    Would you ping for off feet?

    Personally, the first offence is off feet. As has been said before, if he's popped his hand down, stood up and then went for the ball before the defense gets there, then fine. But he's went beyond the ball, then straight onto the ball. At this point, anything he does is irrelevant. I'd allow the...
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    Stage of the match should be immaterial

    Because you can't just keep resetting scrums over and over again. If it keeps happening, someone is causing it to happen. So you've gotta decide if its the team driving forward or the team being pushed back. My experience in the scrums, tell me that it usually one prop isn't getting pushed back...
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    Stage of the match should be immaterial

    Um yes it is, past 90/45 degrees. 19.34-c The scrum is wheeled through more than 90 degrees (45 for U-19 variations), so the middle line has passed beyond a position parallel to the touchline. This is a reset, but it's widely accepted that if this keeps happening a PK is awarded for a repeat...
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    Not offside he was dummying!!!

    Not sure what ruck you guy are referring to. When did this happen in the match, I'll go have a look.
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    Stage of the match should be immaterial

    Now you're asking, this was 2/3 months ago. I'm sure I'll have applied U-19 scrum Laws. There are certain leagues in SRU land for Women's rugby that have full scrum Laws, but that's Tier 1 BUCS and Nat Perm level.
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    Stage of the match should be immaterial

    I had a ladies match before Christmas, home team were very dominant in the scrum. Kept driving their opposition back and forcing the wheel. Captain asked me when they'd get the PK for wheeling, I replied when they (the oppo) wheel the scrum deliberately. I got but other refs reward us for having...
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    Placer / Holder

    Do you have the Law refence that specifies that it MUST be one of the on-field players? Just so I can confidently say, it's in the Law book, then not get stumped when I can't find the Law ref after the match. :)