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    SH pulling the ball with their hands in a long ruck

    Some SH's use their feet to pull a ball back from a long ruck, some use their feet only. Recently, a french game, a french ref said the ball was out when the ball was pulled back with the hands (sorry no clip). Is it?
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    Playing the ball on the ground

    Diving on a loose ball is ok. But if a player goes to ground and doesn't fall on the ball but instead falls beside it and then he reaches out 3 seconds later, that is playing the ball on the ground, right? how do we differentiate between ok and not ok?
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    Blocker at a Ruck

    Sometimes you see teams but a blocker (player not bound to the ruck) to stand in front of the kicker. SA did this several times in recent Lions tests. Surely that's offside?
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    Late hit from a drop kick

    Drop Kick, followed by late hit. Penalty offense. Is it also where the ball landed?
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    Not contesting line out maul at all

    Reds play Blue. Red lineout. They catch drive and set up maul. No blue player engages in the maul. So no maul. But no blue player makes any subsequent effort to tackle. The blue players completely back off. Therefore there is no obstruction and its play on. Right or wrong?
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    Scotland V Ireland at 5 mins

    At 5mins, Ireland V Scotland, you'll see on this youtube link: if you jump into 16:14 Bundee Aki is penalised for hands in ruck. But he enters thru and since he is at the ball can he not just pick up, since he is the last man? Thanks
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    Ball over plane of touch but blown back in

    It's a windy day. The ball is kicked over the plane of touch, doesn't touch anything and is then blown back in. Is it in touch? Thanks
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    [Law] Emergency stop in last play

    After 80 mins and it's last play. There's an emergency stop because player gets injured and ball is coming his way. Is it then game over?
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    High Tackle parameters for sanction

    So, high tackle is a penalty. If there's velocity, force and it's more dangerous it can be YC / RD and it depends on the velocity, force, danger level and also the dynamics of the situation. For example, if Ball Carrier does a jink, head dip whatever - there's some common sense to this as...
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    gamesmanship in the chock tackle

    Reds play Blue. Red ball carrier is "choked tackled". Red players join in drive him forward. Ref shouts "Maul". Maul goes down legally and ball is almost playable. A blue player who is on the deck would just mode his hand which is the only thing on the ball. Blue player doesn't want to move...
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    The Receiver in a lineout doesn't join maul

    Reds play Blue. At a Red lineout, they catch drive. When the maul sets up; it static. The Blue receiver decides to not join the maul and not retreat 10M. He is hanging behind the maul to catch a Red player who might break from the back of the maul which has become static. The hindmost of the...
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    Kick off cuaght on the full

    Reds play Blues. Reds kick off. Balls goes 10M but while still in flight, Blue second row catches the ball from kick off but has one foot in touch. I presume it is therefore a Red ball. Since blue had one foot in touch and one foot in play. And if I am right, same question for when the...
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    Back 10 for back chat

    Red come in from the side, ref penalises for offsense. There is back chat from Red, so ref moves them back another 10M. Blue then take it quickly from the new mark? Is that ok? Usually, ref's don't allow two quick penalties in succession. But this time, the ref was moving the mark for the...
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    Free Kick moved back

    Team awarded free 2m outside 22. If they kick to touch, because it is a free kick and outside the 22, the other team will get the lineout from where was taken from. But, since you can take a FK from the mark or anywhere behind, if they move 2M back so they are back inside the 22, and then take...
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    What was this decision for?

    Was watching this earlier, can't understand what the first penalty is for. Ball looks out to me: Youtube clip is here: It can't be 16.4.e "A player must not fall on or over the ball as it is coming out of a ruck." as ball is clearly out Was the...