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    not sure this is the best advertisement for rugby

    I see now that you are referring to a post relating to a penalty kick at goal....I thought you were referring to a conversion as per the original scenario. Apologies and thanks for clarifying.
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    not sure this is the best advertisement for rugby

    Not entirely clear on the reason for this action/inaction. However it seems to imply some form of match fixing!
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    Where are you this weekend - 2021/22?

    Whatever number of games you did all I can say is thank you and well done. Every game is important and every game counts. Keep up the good work.
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    Where are you this weekend - 2021/22?

    How many games have you guys done this season? 56 in total for me.
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    The Dombrant push.

    So it's OK to latch on to the ball carrier and 'accelerate' them into contact but not push them! Edit.... Obviously the referee is the final arbiter of fact and if they decide it's dangerous etc then so be it!
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    High LH Binding

    And the problem is what exactly? ? Edit....I'm genuinely bemused!
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    High LH Binding

    I'm not was the bind referred to illegal?
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    Here's one I've never seen in Senior Rugby.

    Did you not card him....if not why?
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    Defensive ruck inside the defensive 5... what do you do..

    It seems like you are answering your own question! You made a judgement call and that is what you are there for. Well done.
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    Mornington москва

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    Cannot change a decision after the end of a match

    Can't see why they would want to change either!
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    Worcs v Quins - is it in or outside the 22 then?

    Maybe it's the wine....but I don't understand! OP says the resultant kick didn't find touch.