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    Help. Incoming referee needs games

    Hi all, I have a fellow referee coming across from SoCal later this week and he has games in Glasgow on the 20th Sep, Cambridge on the 27th and Cardiff on the 4th October. He's staying in the UK until the 22nd of October so I'm reaching out to see if anyone could provide a suitable level game...
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    Where's the penalty?

    Black v green Level 6 game so they all know what they're doing. Black set a scrum and get a really good drive going forward, green start to creak going backwards and eventually we lose the back row, then the second row and obviously the front row disintegrate as well so we're left with a...
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    Referee levels and required competencies

    I'm looking to see if there's an RFU document that matches referee level and required competencies. i.e. level 9, identifies players leaving their feet level 8, identifies and attempts to correct players leaving their feet, level 7, proactively manages players in order for them not to leave...
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    Experience with the non-verbal

    Very positive experience with the new method today. I actually think it worked better than yes 9. Is decided pregame that I would touch the scrummie on the anterior deltoid tugs negating any tapa from opposition scrummie or tight heads. Works nicely when standing to the side as you can use the...
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    Tickets for the RLWC

    My friend has asked me to post a message asking if anyone is interested in buying her 3 tickets for the RLWC final (she can't go anymore). Exec seating in the Sir Alex Ferguson stand (N2408). PM me if you're interested and I can put you in contact.
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    HAC Rugby

    Got them in a cup game this weekend. Anyone reffed them yet this year?
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    Man Off Ruling. I should have paid attention

    Just found out that I'm likely to encounter this upon my return to reffing in the UK and never paid much attention to the previous discussion as it all seemed a bit of a mystery to everyone! Was there ever a flow-chart or concise version of the man off ruling?
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    Moved back to the UK

    As some of you know I moved out to San Diego four years ago. My wife and I decided to return back to the UK. We arrived back in the UK yesterday and I will be joining the Cambridgeshire referee society in time for the new season (based in Newcastle at the moment). I'm looking forward to seeing...
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    Games, goals and reviews

    I quick like the idea of having a "where are you this weekend" but actually following it up with a quick review of the game that won't get lost in the drivel of inane comments. I'll get the ball rolling: I'm at UC Los Angeles for UCLA v Cal Berkley Expectations: I know that UCLA will be keen...
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    6th Feb 13 HPR

    Some good advice. The Big Five Tackle – you should be the third person arriving at the the tackle, tackler to release, tackled player to exercise their options, tackler assist to clearly release and be through the gate, arriving players on their feet and through the gate. Ruck – Offside...
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    Mental Fitness

    I had the opportunity at the weekend to step back and coach some of our refs at a high level 7s tournament, giving them advice on clearing up the tackle/breakdown and simple tips and tricks to help spot cheating. All was going very well until the final when one of the refs who had been...
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    Got caught out by this one at the weekend! For some reason I'd read this (and based off the video) as the ball had to land into touch from the knock on. After having a knock on occur that bobbled into touch and stopping the quick throw my assessor pointed out that it's the same as for a penalty...
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    Peeling props

    Didn't happen to me so I can only pass the info I have on. SM v LV at the weekend. SM set up a LO near half way and for the sake of this discussion the LO is set, static receivers... (i.e. no dynamic pre-throw movement). Hooker throws the ball in and as the ball is leaving his hands the SM...
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    This is how we do it

    USA Rugby has released their new guidelines for refs. Please feel free to read and ask questions about differences in game management.
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    Drift's off season training

    DrSTU's home gym