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    [Line out] Minimum Number Of Players For Throwing Side In A Lineout?

    What is the minimum number of players in a set lineout for the throwing team? In other words, does the thrower count towards the 2 player minimum?
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    Kick At Goal - Ball Over Top Of Post

    Could someone clarify and cite me the law that dictates if the goal is awarded when a kick taken for points goes directly over the top of the goal post. Is the goal awarded or not?
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    Quick Rundown / Things To Look Out For?

    Hi, I lost my original post so I'm going to re-write this briefly. I haven't refereed in 2 years and haven't played in 1 year. I'm getting back into refereeing this Saturday in a B-side / friendly match between my former D1 college team and another D1 college team. I'm fairly knowledgeable on...
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    Ruck - Hooking The Ball Back, Opposing Scrum Half Comes In With Hands

    (Retyping this briefly, as it didn't submit the first time.) This just occurred to me last weekend in a game I played in. Red team is advancing the ball. Red ball carrier tackled, and a clean ruck is set. Red team rucking players fall to ground which exposes the ball on ground. Blue team...
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    Where's the offsides line?

    I recently read a post someone made (which at the time made sense in my head) that stated just because two people who are rucking disengage from each other doesn't mean the ruck ended. Essentially they were going by the ruck laws saying that a ruck can only end a few ways, and if the rucking...
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    A Maul Brought To Ground Safely And Ball Carrier Not Releasing The Ball?

    Just wanted to double check other people's input on this. Recently I received an email from my local referee society as a reminder about mauls that are legally brought to ground. I never pondered on this before, but apparently when a maul is brought to ground legally, "there is no obligation for...
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    Counter Rucker Options?

    Hi, Just wanted to brush up on this particular aspects of rucks (more so to improve my ability as a player.) I was wondering what options are available to a counter rucker in regards to playing the ball, and playing the man on the opposing team who's in the scrummy position, pulling the ball...
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    Matching Numbers?

    So I know this is a really elementary question (I'm just double checking myself), but when the team throwing in at the lineout sets the maximum numbers in their lineout, the thrower is not included in that number for the opposing team to match, correct? I.e: Team A is throwing in at the...
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    Law 10.4 (o) - Foul Play - Late-charging the kicker

    Perhaps it's just bad wording, but according to the last sentence of section (o) of Law 10.4, is it: A) technically possible to take a PK inside of an opponents in-goal area?; and B) take a PK in an area that is less than 5m away from the opponents try line? Law 10.4 (o) : If the ball lands...
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    Tackle and Tackle Assist Questions

    Hey, So I was just wondering about a few things: First, where in the law book does it mention the proper way a tackle should occur? I read over the tackle section in hopes of seeing those infamous words some coaches like to throw around "no attempt to wrap" but I saw nothing of the sort...
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    Silly or Flexible Laws That You Bend or Outright Ignore

    So what are some "silly", "interpretable", or "flexible" laws that you in the past or typically don't exactly enforce or bend? (I assume the answers will be circumstantial.) I was going to go first, but I realized the law I was flexible on I misinterpreted anyway, and the action occurred in...
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    Law 19.5 (b) - Player With Foot In Touch Question

    Law 19.5 (b) : If a player with one or both feet on or beyond the touch-line (or touch-in-goal line), picks up the ball, which was in motion within the playing area, that player is deemed to have picked up the ball in touch (or touch-in-goal). What is this saying exactly? Am I correct to read...
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    How Long To Attempt To Alert The Referee

    Hi, Yesterday I AR'ed my first game (which was my friends first game in which he was refereeing.) It was a U18 High School level game here in the USA. Though expected to be a sloppy match of sorts, it actually ran rather smoothly. Though there were two major occurrences during the game in...
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    Infringement Before A Scrum Is Completed - Where is the mark?

    Hi, I recently heard some chatter about that if an infringement occurs during a scrum, although players usually take the PK or FK somewhere around where their 8-man's feet were, the actual mark is where the original mark for the scrum was. Is this true? If so, can the PK or FK be taken at the...
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    Law 21.6 - B) Scoring From A Free Kick ?

    Hi, I guess I'm a little confused by the following law: 21.6 (b) The team awarded a free kick cannot score a dropped goal until after the ball next becomes dead, or until after an opponent has played or touched it, or has tackled the ball carrier. This restriction applies also to a scrum...