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    In touch? (Law 18.2.d)

    I believe it’s not even relevant if he was in touch or not, per 18.2.d, since he didn’t hold the ball and the ball hasn’t reached the plane of touch.
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    Foul play?

    You’ve won me over, at least partially, with 9.15. That law is very clear; I wish 9.1 was equally clear. I still feel 9.1 is carving out an exception of some kind. If it wasn’t, why wouldn’t the law be worded much more clearly? As an example, “When running for the ball, a player and an opponent...
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    Waratahs v chiefs

    USA Rugby has used the same wording in the current GMGs. For this clip, it seems like the ruck ending comes down to the split second when the player’s leg/ankle/foot rolls off the ball?
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    Foul play?

    I’ve just seen this response. I see your point but I do not interpret the sentence that way. I came up with an example sentence to show how I am reading the law: “When an employee wants to enter the manager’s office, he may not do so, except to return the manager’s key.” To me, the clear...
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    Foul play?

    I’m always worried about my tone coming across as hostile when communicating by text only. I have no sarcasm or disrespect in my thoughts when I say that I don’t know any other way to interpret the end of the sentence, “except for shoulder to shoulder” to mean that the players may charge and...
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    Foul play?

    I suppose we just see if differently. 9.1 says players may “charge” and “push” while running for the ball, as long as it’s shoulder to shoulder, and I don’t see anything in the original clip that is outside of that.
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    Waratahs v chiefs

    Oh wow, haha, good call out. I watched it several times in slow motion and I don’t see the feet touch but Blue 4 definitely grabs the back of his jersey and seems to throw him off balance as he’s getting up.
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    Foul play?

    I see the same actions, except I see those actions being expressly permitted in law 9.1, quoted by chbg above. Which law makes it illegal/foul play?
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    Knock on advantage

    I think he’s referring to White player holding on to the ball when Purple comes over him and legally tries to take the ball.
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    Foul play?

    I was the lone dissenter in the group in favor of “play on”, with five referees calling for a PK. I considered giving my view when I made the original post here but I had lost my confidence because 5 other referees in the group chimed in for PK. I cited that same law @chbg but there was...
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    Foul play?

    I’ve attached a 3 second clip that was shared in a local referee chat group, looking for opinions on the call. Play on, PK, or YC?
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    Uncontested scrums, no 8 pick?

    I also do not allow the opposition scrum half to put pressure on the pass from the scrum half of the team in possession. I do not find clear justification for this in the laws but find it to be in line with the spirit of the definition provided in the laws that says the team throwing in “wins...
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    Ball carriers ducking into tackles Ben Smith discusses a lot of things in this article related to head injuries but something that’s been on my mind that he mentions is how the game allows ball carriers to duck into contact and lead with the head. It...
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    The final ruck of Brumbies vs Blues

    #2 vs #1 on the table. Blues are down by 1 point, with possession, about 10 meters from the Brumbies’ goal line, time has passed the 80 minute mark. Go to 5:45 of the highlight video linked above. Does referee Damon Murphy get it right here? His view seems to be that Blue 7 is at the...
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    Quick Line-out question

    @Ian_Cook , believe it is law 18.5 that covers a “disallowed” quick throw. I apparently don’t know how to use the forum’s features to paste the law as a quote or in a separate box or else I’d do it. 🤦‍♂️ But 18.4 has a clear sanction and law 18.5 uses the word “disallowed”, which should be...