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    [Law] Hand Off or Fend to the face/head/neck

    Under 18 over here. @SimonSmith is this AU wide and still current (going by flag colour on posting, so apologies if you are not referencing AU or it's a state thing)? I ref Juniors in Victoria, U12 pathways law rules it out clearly, but I'd love a clear reference for older juniors if there...
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    Another SR dump tackle

    Reference news from Rugby AU
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    Uncontested scrums, no 8 pick?

    Cheers, thanks @Jarrod Burton.
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    Uncontested scrums, no 8 pick?

    Quick question. I ref junior club rugby, and with COVID and flu there are lots of issues with numbers, often resulting in uncontested scrums. Is number 8 allowed to pick up at base in an uncontested scrum? Local competition rules don’t mention it, and at a global level I think that the new...