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    C'wealth Games

    My niece is a little giddy. She just watched the Women win the Euros, and is off to watch the Netball on Thursday.
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    Andrew Brace - 2nd test, Brisbane, Aus v Eng

    My ARs would get an earful if they did that. I only want a call if it's material and should be penalized. Otherwise STHU
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    Back heeled conversion

    Gareth Davies refers to Ring's...quirks in his autobiography
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    [Law] Hand Off or Fend to the face/head/neck

    @SimonSmith is this AU wide and still current (going by flag colour on posting, so apologies if you are not referencing AU or it's a state thing)? I ref Juniors in Victoria, U12 pathways law rules it out clearly, but I'd love a clear reference for older juniors if there is one? Someone else...
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    Ball thrown into touch

    Pre season friendlies are there to shake the kinks out and get everybody ready for the season. To my mind, that means playing to the laws, firmly. "Oh it's just a friendly" very rarely leads anywhere good.
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    Uncontested scrums, no 8 pick?

    This. In an uncontested scrum, there's usually no point trying to dick about at the back since the forwards can relativel;y easily just move the ball to the far side. Far better to simply pressure 10, or drop back and cover. If the 9 was interested, I'd allow it.
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    not sure this is the best advertisement for rugby

    My memory - possibly flawed - was that the guideline was the attacking team were under no obligation to ground the ball, and that any obligation was on the defending team to provide the chaser to force the issue. I'm waiting for new guidelines to come out of this.
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    Does a knock-on make a ball dead - or does the whistle?

    I generally agree. But the one thing you have to be mindful of - and yes, I have seen this happen - is that Blue knock on, and Blue regather. 29 players stop, and you're taking the proverbial breath just to see. 30th player comes steaming in and hits the ball carrier who simply isn;t ready for...
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    Tackle in ball carrier’s own in-goal

    You can't substantiate that assertion. A plain reading of the words suggests that simultaneous grounding fits their criteria here.
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    Where are you this weekend - 2021/22?

    One less than I should have done :( Refereed 12, ARed 12, No4 1
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    Quick tap, defenders have not retreated 10m.

    Let's break this down into chunks. I'm only penalizing if a player who is not ten interferes in some way. Simply being not 10 is not going to get me to blow my whistle. Usually, I will see if there is advantage, and I'll make clear what it's for. If I do need to blow, I will walk to the new...
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    Should Refs Only Wear Black Shorts?

    Somewhere in Hampshire, Simon Thomas is harrumphing
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    Should Refs Only Wear Black Shorts?

    I remember starting to referee in the days when shorts were drill cotton, pressed, with a crease down the front. Laces were meant to be white, and blancoed before each match.
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    Should Refs Only Wear Black Shorts?

    No. Unless your Society suplies kit, just wear something that differentiates you from the players and look smart. There are some Societies in the USa who have a stick up their ass about black shorts.
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    non contested "maul"

    "But last week...." will be the next thing out of his mouth. Guaranteed.