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    Ire v Italy - Am I miscounting

    I was aware that if a scrum went uncontested in certain leagues that the team responsible had to drop a player. I think it was brought in to stop some teams with weak scrums from taking the mick; but I thought it was a WRU directive and didn't realise it applied at international level as well.
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    Can I Clarify The Offside Line.

    I suspect I may have got this wrong, so would like to get it clarified. 19.30 Once play in the scrum begins, the scrum-half of the team not in possession: a) Takes up a position with both feet behind the ball and close to the scrum but not in the space between the flanker and the number eight...
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    Can Anyone Recommend Good Leather Boots?

    I had a pair of leather Canterbury boots which were brilliant and lasted me years. Sadly, after about 6 years they eventually gave up the ghost but the replacement non-leather boots have lasted 2 years tops and are now falling apart. I do tend to look after my kit and don't mind paying a bit...
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    [Law] Crawling. What's the Sanction?

    I'm having a bit of a brain fart here. Red attempt a tackle on Blue BC approx 5m out from Red's goal line. The BC isn't held but knocked over and part crawls, part lunges towards the goal line. The BC wasn't tackled, so didn't have to release. In the Argentina v Wales game the Ref disallowed...
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    Deliberate Knock On At A Tackle / Ruck?

    Just watching the Exeter v Newcastle game on BT Sport. Black makes a break and gets tackled. Green tries to jackle the ball when Black SH lifts the ball but while winding up for a pass, the Green jackler swings his left arm round and knocks the ball backwards. If you're watching it on replay...
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    I have never refereed a 7's game.

    I never enjoyed playing 7's as much as 15 a side, but the ironic thing is that when I did play for the school, we won the regional competition - which we didn't at 15 a side. Work that one out then. :chin: There are a number of well attended 7s tournaments in my area and we constantly get asked...
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    U15s Variations Between England and Wales

    Our U15 boys are on a mini tour to London this weekend, and I needed to clarify the differences in law at that level. I have been told that lifting is allowed at LOs but that all LOs must be uncontested. I assume the sanction is a FK - correct? Are there any other differences we need to be...
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    [Law] Penalty Kick After Time.

    I saw a clip of a local game over the weekend which got me thinking. With the new law trials, if a PK is awarded after time is up and the team kick to touch, we still take the LO. So far so good. If the team are winning and want to end the game, we are told they have to take the PK (out of...
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    The New Touch Definition. Help Please.

    After a period of being "rugby'd out" :sad: with the exception of the British Lions Tests, I made a conscious effort not to have anything to do with rugby for a couple of months. With the new season on us, I've been going through the new Law Trials. The vast majority are pretty easy to...
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    Picking Up The Ball At A Ruck.

    This has been bugging me for a while. Imagine a ruck with the ball at the back, and players from the team not in possession spread out across the field instead of concentrating on the ruck. If a player from the team in possession wanted to pick up the ball and run upfield with it, what does...
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    Query 2. Should We Consider Materiality?

    19.6 How the throw-in is taken/ The player taking the throw-in must stand at the correct place. The player must not step into the field of play when the ball is thrown. The ball must be thrown straight, so that it travels at least 5 metres along the line of touch before it first touches the...
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    Query 1. Where Is The Offside Line?

    20.12 (c) When a team has won the ball in a scrum, the scrum half of the opposing team is offside if that scrum half steps in front of the ball with either foot while the ball is still in the scrum. This scrum-half may not move into the space between the flanker and No. 8 when following the ball...
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    Multiple Sanctions.

    Just a quick one, which I've been meaning to check on for months. I was thinking the other day about offences with multiple / alternative sanctions eg: Late tackle = Kick here or Kick there. LO offences = LO or Scrum. Offside = PK or Scrum. Faulty KO or restart = Kick again or scrum or...
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    Is this a new Lineout tactic?

    Watching the Dragons v Glasgow Warriors game last weekend, and can't help wondering if we've seen the start of a new tactic. At a LO, the Dragons obviously didn't want to create a maul, because as soon as the Warriors won the ball, they would all stay in line and step back from the BC. Eg if...
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    Is It Still Legal To Kick The Ball Out Of A Ruck?

    I've seen about 3 TV games so far this season - as it happened, two of which were reffed by Nigel Whitehouse. In both games he has given PKs against players for kicking the ball out of the ruck; the commentators have mentioned that it's a new law. The problem is I can't find anything in the...