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    Merry Christmas

    So my Christmas present from Santa this year was a quadruple bypass surgery. Very little warning signs in the lead up to going under the knife. This is no fun. Rugby refs are generally middle aged guys staying in the game by taking up the whistle. Look after yourselves and if you fitness changes...
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    Aus Rugby 22-93

    Aussie Super Rugby woes continue. So far this weekend we are down 93-22 over 3 games to NZ and SA opposition with only the Brumbies to have a chance to stop the rot against the Argies this afternoon. Cannot honestly see an Aussie team beating a NZ team again this year. What's that saying about...
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    New RA Boss

    Rugby Australia (rebranded in October from ARU) has a new CEO. "Raelene Castle replaces Bill Pulver as Rugby Australia chief executive" Not quite sure how the appointment process works but I'm guessing she is appointed by the Board. Her first action as CEO should be to sack every single one of...
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    [Law] Law Book cut in half

    Full review of the Law book looks to be going full steam ahead
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    Lions Series - Accidental Offsite?

    Did Read touch the ball first and knock-on?
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    [Law] Tackling man in air

    Not sure why there is still so much debate over this tackle. A referee who was arguably one of the best at the 2015 RWC and has controlled somewhere in the order of 65 Tests applied the Law as it currently stands and applied some empathy by only issuing a PK. Here is the position of the players...
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    [Ruck] Diving over ruck

    We recently discussed a video showing a player diving over a ruck to score a try (possibly two incidents). Anyone remember the thread? Have done a search and came up empty
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    [Law] What constitutes a match?

    So I know I've seen it somewhere before but having no luck finding it again. Cannot find it in WR Handbook Regulations (maybe looking in wrong section???). What time frame constitutes a match? At what point during a game does the current score stand if the match has to be abandoned due to any...
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    [Law] TJ Perenara's Bluff

    How many people currently watching the Reds v Hurricanes game are shaking their heads at how TJ Perenara just bluffed Angus Gardner. Hurricanes attacking 5m scrum, get the push on and AG signals advantage and then blows for the PK. Without picking up the ball, which is on the ground and on the...
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    I know I know LEGGINGS

    OK. Never bothered to read the infamous Leggings Thread, so just after a simple answer please? Leggings AKA Long Tights. 1.Women/Girls = Legal??? 2. Men/Boys = Illegal??? And yes, this is a serious question.
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    Congratulations to how the Crusaders fought back with 14 men for most of the last 10 minutes to snatch a win against the Reds after the 80 minutes. They came back against the Highlanders last week and have shown they are one team you cannot write off. HOWEVER!!! I attended a presentation of our...
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    What chance Scotland?

    What odds would you give Scotland for an upset v England this weekend? How many teams still have a chance to take out the 6N?
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    Blues v Chiefs

    At 1:06 on the YouTube clock, Black 9 makes a break and is tackled just short of the line. As the players continue to slide, black 9 reaches forward looking to ground the ball when he reaches the goal line. However, just before his arm/hand holding the ball reaches the goal line, blue 11 dives...
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    JOC & Comical Ali

    Surprised at one, not at all surprised at the other. Comical Ali and James (The Brand) O'Connor have apparently been arrested trying to buy cocaine outside a Paris nightclub. Sigh....... JOC claimed a couple of months ago that he was still aiming to play for the Wallabies again. I think that...
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    Super Rugby and new Laws

    6 games down and a few observations. Interested to hear the comments of others who have been watching.. 1. Israel Dagg (Crusaders) pulled off a great dive over the sideline to throw the ball back into play from a Brumbies PK. 2. I think the Southern Hemisphere refs are being a bit more lenient...