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    [Law] "Why the **** did you do that?"

    So Saturday afternoon, good open game, no foul play (that i saw) in the whole game! L6 match :wink: Part way through the first half, away side have a solid scrum ball held at the #8's feet, scrum half of the same team reaches down and picks the ball up, there's then a call from the pack leader...
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    [Law] Sco v Eng - Scrum back?

    Can't see this one has been asked about? But did I see the ref have a bit of a brain fart? Farrell misses pen to left of posts, Hogg takes 22 and kicks it into Eng in-goal, Ford makes it dead (straight away) and ref give an Eng 22 :chin:
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    [Tackle] What do you give?

    I've noticed this a lot in recent weeks, not sure why it's becoming more common? Ball carrier is tackled, tackler and ball carrier on the floor. Now either the ball carrier or the first arriving support player (ball carriers side) holds the tackler in? Now of course i know they're trying to...
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    [Ruck] Pick and Go Hopefully the above link will work? I have seen this happening for the last few years and have wondered what refs do about it at our level ("they" choose to ignore it at the show biz level)? To me the discription that Rocky...
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    [Law] 2016 Laws

    Hi folks, Anyone got access to a copy of the 2016 laws in Word/PDF format they could send me? Many thanks WD
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    [Line out] Who would ahve blown this? What happens when you allow backs in to do a forwards job :biggrin:
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    [Law] A New Myth!!!!!!!

    Schools u18 game. Boy does a "squeeze ball" :nono: PK! But sir, i was on my knees, so it's OK :chin: New one on me, one for the myths page :wink: Oh yes and again the (uncontested scrums fav), "sir the no.8 isn't allowed to pick up"! "Those London refs need to learn their laws" :wink:
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    [Law] Changes to Uncontested Scrum Law

    I hear a rumble that there's going to be a change to the laws regarding uncontested scrums at international level ONLY Potentially bringing back the old "man off ruling" after the Welsh debacle v Georgia :chin: Anyone else heard anything about this???
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    [Law] How would you deal with this one? If you want to go to the end of the clip (1:05 on the youtube clock), let me just tell you that Green 13 has already been YC'd for a dangerous tackle...... What would you do about the actions of Foden, trying to mislead the ref?
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    [TRC] SBW lack of HIA

    When are the top teams going to learn they have to take this seriously? 2:04 into this clip! (SBW midfield) There's another AB in the second half too (he comes on as a sub)
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    [7's/10's] 2017 Law trials

    Can't see this one has been discussed, but when do the new laws for 7's come into force for us mere muggles? I know the press release mentioned 1/1/17 & 1/8/17 for the 15-a-side game (SH & NH), and then it goes on to say that the 7's law trials start for the 2016/17 HSBC series, but is that for...
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    [Junior] Age Grade in France

    Didn't think i'd be posting in this section, but...... I'm reffin a junior game this evening, it's a French u13's touring side and just wondered what variations you play there? I know they'll be expected to play to Eng regs, but it's always worth knowing if there are any major differences...
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    England v Scotland lifting tackle YC

    That tackle, Red/Yellow/too early/one for the citing ....... So people's thoughts on the early YC in the Eng v Sco match? Looked like he landed on his upper back and then force of the tackle meant he got whiplash for his head to hit the ground too, which I guess resulted in the HIA...
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    Happy Christmas & NY

    To my fellow whistlers (and clipboard cowboys), hope you all have a great Christmas and NY :bday: best wishes to you are yours and have a good break, but enjoy the Christmas friendlies if you're looking after one. Catch up in 2017 TheBFG (Wayne) :wink:
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    [INTERNATIONAL] Assult of Referee

    I'm sure most of you have seen this and depending on which report you read the player got somewhere between 3 and 20 years, neither of which is long enough in my opinion! :mad: