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    Quick Line-out question

    So...this happened to me last weekend: Penalty to blue on his own 22, fly-half proceeded to kick for touch but the ball goes really high and short, blue wing saw that and chased the ball (he was on-side, nothing illegal there), the ball finally goes over the plane of touch near midfield, wing...
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    Kick-off no 10m - advantage?

    Watching a game yesterday the white player nº 10 kicks the kick-off really high but too short –clearly the ball will not reach 10 m- and a team mate takes the ball preventing the yellow team´s play. The ref gives the yellow team the option, scrum or kick again. All of that was ok but it makes...
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    What about this scenario?

    Hey! I’ve gone so long without logging in… Scenario: red vs blue So… red in possession of the ball and attacking inside the opposite 22… ruck forms and the red SH passes the ball to red nº10, who is waiting for a drop goal attempt.The attempt is partially blocked by a blue defender which was...
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    Penalty for playing the ball on the ground?

    This is what happened to me last weekend: Black 12 attacked and was tackled; the ball bounced backwards and black 4 dove and tried to catch the ball, he touched it but could not grab it (the ball bounced backwards one more time). While lying on the ground the ball bounced back near to him and...
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    Options for the player not throwing-in during the line-out

    I was reading the laws of the game and I can’t find if in the line-out the player not throwing-in (the immediate opponent of the player throwing-in) can lift a player who is part of the line-out (who is between the 5 m and 15 m dash line). The closest that I can find is 19.11, but it is talking...
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    ruck/maul offside??

    Hi, I hope everybody is ok! I recently became a referee and I have trouble with the interpretation of some laws…I hope somebody can assist me and understand me- English is my second language and I am still learning it. Here is the scenario: Black vs White: Ball on the ground, ruck...