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    Cipriani knocked out

    But is there anyone looking at the ball carrier?
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    [CLUB RUGBY] Gloucester v Exeter

    First in-the-air take out of the new Prem season. All agreed? Or any comments?
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    [CLUB RUGBY] Stormers v Chiefs

    Anyone watching? Thoughts on the first half officiating?
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    [Law] WR Law amendments

    Rugby law book to be shredded by 50% to make it easier to understand This true?
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    [In-goal] Try yes/no - DBL

    Afternoon all Yesterday during my match I had this scenario. Attacking team (BLUE) vs defending team (BLACK). BLUE line break from halfway up to 3-4m out from the try line, before a cynical BLACK offside earns a penalty advantage*. BLUE recycle the ball, pass the ball out, and the BLUE 10...
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    [Law] Offside or no offside - Ospreys v SF

    Any thoughts on Matt Carley's try award for SF after the kick ahead?
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    [CLUB RUGBY] Tackle?

    Bit of a rib tickler.
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    RC - Bryce Heem (Wasps v Worcester)

    No complaints on the outcome, but any thoughts on the line that Black 13 takes?
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    [Tackle] Ulster vs NGD - Rodney Ah You RC

    Anyone see his RC yesterday? Thoughts?
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    Grounded Not grounded?

    Looks to me like Gold grounded it.
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    Two more head contacts for you to pick over

    Twitter: Randall Morrison - Timisoara Saracens First one Twitter: Mat Luamanu - Harlequins Second one You don't have to be on Twitter to view. I shall try and record/upload a version of both to embed here though.
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    New measures for contact with the head If players are down by 2 with a few mins to go, can they feign a slip into the tackle and buy a penalty?
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    Hartley red card - Saints v Leinster

    A still shot from the moment of impact, and a few frames before (just for a player height comparison)
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    Hartley red card - Saints v Leinster

    Stone waller? Twitter link to video for now, will post another video when it is available
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    [CLUB RUGBY] Mat Luamanu dangerous tackle

    Ok, so that's the 10 standing upright vs the moment of contact. Minimal duck? He's 6 foot 1. Average femur length 19 or 20 inches in an average male. That's a huge difference! As you can see, there is 1 second difference.