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    Orange Card?

    When I was at my club in Cambridgeshire we would make sure that someone greeted the refs showed them to changing rooms etc, at least for the juniors, not sure the seniors were always so organised. But we did not have the match day co-coordinators that we have in Australia (I am now in the...
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    The on field soft signal from the ref came about as a result of complaints from the coaches that the on-field ref was abdicating responsibility to the TMO which was seen as a bad thing.
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    Helpful answer!
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    There are times of course when the advantage being over and the next stoppage in play are so close together that there is no time to call advantage over. I would suggest that this is likely what happened in the OP.
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    Jersey Colour Issues for Comms ... any advice?

    Could always try Squares and Hoops instead of colours?
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    Veo Camera's popping up everywhere!

    We have them at our club and we always ask if the referee wants a link to the game. It is also available to the district for disciplinary matters if there are cards or other incidents including citings. We used to have a man on the roof with a camera, but this is so much easier.
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    50:22 from a free kick

    I had one of my own team tackle me as he realised I was about to run straight through the deadball area.
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    Quick tap and pass to runner

    Might be worth clarifying with each ref how they interpret it before the game. Ask the question in such a way as to suggest that the answer is when it leaves the hands and you should have no problem. "Sir, can I clarify that the pass is made when it leaves the hands?"
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    Player Registration at all levels..

    I might have played against you then! Old Colfeians at the time.
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    Tackling in the air or dangerous play?

    You are right in that the only way to remove that risk is to stop the actions that lead to the risk. Unfortunately we live in a society that is risk aware enough to recognise that there is a danger, but not risk averse enough to mitigate the risk out completely if there is an economic argument...
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    Tackling in the air or dangerous play?

    I am not commenting on whether it should have been a penalty or not or whether to X or S, but the TMO and ref did consider the original offside and commented that he started onside, as well as stating that the foul play would overrule as two separate statements. You can also hear the Ref saying...
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    Has the game been ruined?

    In league points it would have merit. More than 10 penalties against you in a game and lose one league point. Could still have a team end the season on minus points though.
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    Test match - FR numbers and outcomes

    I understand it to be that if you have a front row player available they must be on the pitch. It is to stop that very scenario of bringing a flanker on instead of a hooker to get the advantage (limit the disadvantage might be more accurate) Law 3.18 I think covers it.
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    Springboks v Lions

    I watched most of the internationals at the weekend, either full game or highlights on Stan and the constant criticism of all of the referees by the commentators was disappointing to say the least. I then watched an English Premiership game from the other week and it was almost as bad. If they...
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    More law trials

    Surely that means that if after three phases AND no territorial / tactical advantage has been gained, come back for the sanction whether that is scrum or penalty. the territorial / tactical variance between scrum and penalty advantage should still be applied. It does not make sense that they...
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    Penalty goal

    Quite right
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    Penalty goal

    Thank you, I had not processed that earlier. In that case if the ball does go straight into touch after hitting the posts (Upright or crossbar) then it should be the non-offending team to throw into the lineout from in line with the position that the kick was taken.
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    Penalty goal

    Good point to which at this time I have not got an answer, apart from expected outcome of everyone involved or watching.
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    Penalty goal

    This is just about where the kick would be taken. The kick has not gone directly into touch if it has bounced of the post so would be the same as bouncing on the ground before going into touch. So if it is non offending side throwing in it is from where it reaches the touchline, not from where...
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    Penalty goal

    Why? it has not gone directly into touch.