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  1. ChrisR

    Reckless Play - Duty of Care?

    In US football (gridiron) Y2 would been penalized for 'leading with the head'.
  2. ChrisR

    Unofficial referee signals?

    In those instances where there is ambiguity, such as a dropped ball that doesn't go forward, I appreciate it when the referee loudly calls "Play on!!".
  3. ChrisR

    [Maul] Maul - Driving or Rolling

    Not to be pedantic but . . . As a coach I've always differentiated between between a 'rolling' and 'driving' maul. That seems to have gone out the window.
  4. ChrisR

    [Scrum] Scrum PK Only seen this hi-lite. Anyone know cause of PK?
  5. ChrisR

    [Tackle] Is it a 'momentum' try? Great run but a try?
  6. ChrisR

    [Tackle] How can this not be red I agree that outcome should not be the deciding factor but this put the US #9 out of the game.
  7. ChrisR

    I agree with NO . . .
  8. ChrisR

    [Law] "Can't intentionally knock the ball back"

    Auckland vs. Otago "Can't intentionally knock the ball back. Off you go" :wtf:
  9. ChrisR

    World Rugby concept?

    Read this on the USA site Is the article accurate? Why and for what gain to the individual unions? Do they have the leverage to make it happen? Personally, I hope not but don't have a reason other than a sense...
  10. ChrisR

    The NFL is just plain nuts . . .

    . . . to flag this tackle as illegal yet allow hits to the head, tackling in the air etc etc.
  11. ChrisR

    The Gate is dead! Long live the Gate!

    NKW brought this up in January but the thread didn't get much traction then. So now that the trials are in the 2018 Laws I'm wondering what the impact on the game is. 2017 Laws (d) At a tackle or near to a tackle, other players who play the ball must do so from behind the ball and from...
  12. ChrisR

    [Tackle] No 'wrap' (grasp) signal

    In compiling an instructional of referee signals I could not find a signal for "no grasp in the tackle". Any suggestions?
  13. ChrisR

    [Law] . . . or if an opponent plays the ball . . .

    From a match video I was watching: White kick off and the ball lands at about the 6m mark and takes a funny bounce forwards. It strikes a Blue player in the chest, who had stepped forward over the 10m line, and bounces back toward White. The referee orders a FK at center as the Blue player had...
  14. ChrisR

    [Law] Head scratcher

    Can anyone tell me why: On an attempt at a conversion kick 8.12. If the ball falls over and rolls away from the line through the place where the try was awarded and the kicker then kicks the ball over the crossbar, the conversion is successful. 8.13. If the ball falls over and rolls into...
  15. ChrisR

    [7's/10's] World Cup 7s

    Watching live streaming the Women's opening round. Canada v. Brazil saw some really great rugby but the next two of Australia v. PNG and NZ vs. Mexico shows the desperate need to have a two tier competition per the U-20s 15s. Mexico barely touched the ball.
  16. ChrisR

    [INTERNATIONAL] Did anybody notice . . .

    . . . that the USA defeated Scotland on Saturday night? Mentioned here as Pat Clifton, US writer, commented on the refereeing: Wayne Barnes This win would not have been possible without a seasoned, experienced, composed referee like Wayne Barnes. There are few more recognizable sirs in the...
  17. ChrisR

    Time for a 7s forum

    This is another call for a forum for 7s. Let's take "touch rugby" rename it for 7s and move it up under "general union".
  18. ChrisR


    In the following Blue support blow White off the ball leaving no player over the ball. Has the ruck ended or still in effect as the ball is in front of the 'hind foot'? But, wait, that 'hind foot' belongs to the tackled player on the ground. Isn't he...
  19. ChrisR

    [Scrum] PT that shouldn't

    From Scotland v. Italy U-20s: Too quick a whistle.
  20. ChrisR

    [Ruck] Hands in the ruck?

    I'm coaching an inexperienced youth side and at the post-tackle the BC may not get a deep set of the ball. This makes it vulnerable to getting jackled. I'm considering coaching the first arriving BC support player to get over the ball then move it, by hand, to under his hind foot before any ops...