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    What type of restart occurs when the attacking team kicks the ball out the back of the defending teams in-goal?

    All relevant answers to the OP. I would love to see a situation where an attacker would kick the ball dead from inside the in-goal area. A contender for D**k of the day I would imagine.
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    Where are you this weekend - 2023/24?

    No games yet. All of the pre-season games go to the societies favourites ;)
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    Has the high number of replacements skewed the game?

    So I do think that the high amount of subs at the top level is problematic. Its a difficult problem to solve given the specialist nature of the front rows now. However, one way of possibly addressing this is to limit the amount of subs alowed to be used. For example, have 8 subs to cover for...
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    Has the high number of replacements skewed the game?

    So I have officiated games where ther have been more subs allowed, simply through discussion with both teams before the game. The rules, the regulations and the laws may not permit this, but at lower levels if it enables more guys to get a get on a saturday then I am happy to go with this.
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    Line-out, yes or no?

    @crossref @Pedro thank you gents (or ladies!), I am happy to be re-assured. Yes, it can be bloody complicated, and whatsmore I suspect that if I ever had to adjudge a player standing in touch and knocking a ball infield that has not reached touch (18.2d), that may elicit some conversation on...
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    Line-out, yes or no?

    I thought that I knew the laws "quite" well, and I was pretty sure that I had the laws around when a ball is in or out of touch, pretty well covered. Yesterday however, I got into a discussion with two fellow refs and a senior coach, who all had a different view on a law that I find quite...
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    Gloucester v Saracens

    I believe that 30th August is the date on which the squads must be confirmed.
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    Maul not Moving Forward

    yeah, if that happened in one of my games I would be straight onto the Laws app at half-time
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    Mallia's charge on D Williams

    Yes I’m very much with BB. I have been thinking about this, and to me it is quite straightforward, when the Argentina player decided to jump, where did he think he was going to land? He knew the SA player would be hit in his follow through. If he didn’t consider this, then he should have...
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    Mallia's charge on D Williams

    Clearly reckless for me. Head contact, no mitigation imho.
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    I'd just like to say ....

    Well I have to wholeheartedly disagree. I find the suggestion that he was abusive toward Khawaja because he is rascist quite abhorrent. Further, I feel the ongoing attempt at justifying it is disgusting. here’s why; 1.I don’t believe that our actions as a teenager necessarily define us a...
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    I'd just like to say ....

    Yes, apart from his teenage indiscretions. Truthfully, it is quite possible that he is a rascist, but I think it’s a little inappropriate to suggest it because of his actions in this test. After all he used rude, but not rascist language.
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    I'd just like to say ....

    Good points Simon. I would have left out the part questioning whether Ollie Robinson is a rascist. In fact, I would suggest that it was because they couldn’t get him out that he resorted to the verbals. Nothing new there!
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    Refereeing niggle in U14 to U16 age groups

    why do you say this? I have also reffed a lot at U16 and U18, and do not find the 10m to be an issue. I do find it is worth taking time out after the 10m though.
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    Interesting scrum binds

    He’s assisted in boring in by the fact that the two locks are not bound. 19.7c states that they should be bound together. as it happens, I believe this scrum resulted in a penalty and 3 points to Leinster.
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    Reckless Play - Duty of Care?

    Exactly this, and this is what we have coming next season. The drop before the tackle in our community game will be subject to sanctions, and this is the perfect example of why.
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    Penalty kick to touch

    Absolutely right, I wouldn’t suggest how anyone should prepare themselves, or approach the game. We’re all individuals and everyone needs to do what works best for them. It is though, valuable to share experiences and thoughts, so that we can all consider and improve as and when.
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    Penalty kick to touch

    I don’t actually know, it’s never happened, it’s never been an issue. I don’t know what I would do if I’m honest, it would probably depend on the context, and I would decide at the time. Reading through the whole thread here, I see different views and I don’t hold a strong preference either way.
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    Penalty kick to touch

    Sorry that I was unclear. It that case I would tell them that they are not at the mark before they kick it. It seems very clear to me that I can see that, as a former kicker myself, when they are likely to (literally) overstep the mark.