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  1. Dave Elliott

    Whostheref watch app

    cheers Mark. Great to have you on here with great feedback for this application.
  2. Dave Elliott


    watched it, really enjoyed it. I did like ben's way of running through things on the empty pitch before that. I think that could be a good thing to being in to my prep
  3. Dave Elliott

    Where are you this weekend - 2023/24?

    Had Rams 3 V Oxford Quins. Very one sided Game unfortunately, but second L7 for me. Really enjoyable game and good pace.
  4. Dave Elliott

    Whostheref watch app

    still think the original one is far more user friendly and do everything you need from sports official solutions. The downside is its not been developed for the Apple watch yet, just android
  5. Dave Elliott

    What type of restart occurs when the attacking team kicks the ball out the back of the defending teams in-goal?

    defo worth passing to Keith Lewis. He is in charge now of rewriting the laws
  6. Dave Elliott

    MOA Guidance.

    Please find a guidance note from Richard Whittam KC, Head of RFU Judiciary. The guidance note sets out the approach to be taken by disciplinary...
  7. Dave Elliott

    Where are you this weekend - 2023/24?

    thats was great. When was this, who was the ref?
  8. Dave Elliott

    Where are you this weekend - 2023/24?

    My view this weekend. Windsor 1s at home
  9. Dave Elliott

    Whostheref watch app

    dont forget that a great android version already exists, ive highlighted it before. Very cheap, just need an android watch to run it. I think its excellent and has all the features you need.
  10. Dave Elliott

    Unopposed lineout maul ENG v SAM

    very tight there, if you pause blue looks off side as laws lands, but then it is obstruction by white as they advance while ball at the back
  11. Dave Elliott

    Unopposed lineout maul ENG v SAM

    Not the best video, sorry, but at least you can see what happened.
  12. Dave Elliott

    Thoughts on this one?
  13. Dave Elliott

    I always penalise for this, am i correct?

    So tackle complete, ruck formed. The ball is deep in, and instead of the 9 digging it out with their foot, the tackled player pushes its out for them. I always blow for this, as I deem this hands in the ruck. The player has placed the ball, the ruck has formed and they then push it back. But re...
  14. Dave Elliott

    Is it true no mitigation on no arms or just a commentator phrase?

    Keep hearing it in RWC, that if no wrap then mitigation can’t be applied but can’t find that in any head contact stuff I have???
  15. Dave Elliott

    7's Tournament

    Not sure about other societies, but mine does not appoint to 7's. Maybe if there is a 7's tournament that requires refs, we could post them below and hopefully find some willing and able refs for it?
  16. Dave Elliott

    Development Leagues

    I had the same in the IRG which has a development league. Some how it was ranked 8, but within minutes it was obvious it was an 11. Scrum was a fast, every line out not straight which led to another scrum!! Ended up not calling the not straight and managing the scrums. The loose head was...
  17. Dave Elliott

    What was he saying???

    Be interested to know what the Sale captain was saying to Tempo as he gave manu the Red. Looks like he was trying to talk him out of it, but what possible defence could you have for that arm to the head?
  18. Dave Elliott

    Will you continue in Rugby?

    I discussed that with an advisor and coach at the weekend. Would make much more sense
  19. Dave Elliott

    Will you continue in Rugby?

    With the changes in tackle height being brought in next season ( England ) , there has been a lot of opposition to this. Lots of people I have spoken to have said if it is brought in they will leave the game.
  20. Dave Elliott

    Tackle Height Discussion

    taken from a social media post from a very experienced Referee Attended a meeting last night with the Berkshire RFU Council representative who was reporting back to the county about the meeting the members had that they voted on re the tackle height … left me angry, sad, frustrated and...