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  1. ex-lucy

    my assessment of a ELRA 3 ref

    i am assessing on Sundays these days to help our club refs and helping blood some youngsters ... i assessed a guy recently i just didnt know what to say .... U14s kick off was set for 11:00 ... actually kicked off @ 11:07 first prematch brief was at 10:54 didnt mention 'crouch, touch, set'...
  2. ex-lucy

    All is not well ...

    one of my erstwhile fellow referees from Herts had a very bad experience ... L10 merit table cup match .. Home team's 1st xv is a L8 team. Away team's 1st xv is a L4 team. Home team 2nd xv v away team's 4th xv away team brought some of their team mates from team above. there were 5 yellow...
  3. ex-lucy

    scenario from a recent Level 8 match

    you are the ref, what would you do? scrum collapses red 3 is injured in 45th minute and is replaced by red 17 red 17 is NOT the designated FR replacement but was, 2 years ago, a county U17 prop. red 17 props ok for a few scrums after 3 scrums, in about 55th minute, red 17 says he cannot...
  4. ex-lucy

    Who's the ref?

    are there any freds on this topic.... ? i ran the search function but nothing popped up if not, anyone got any thoughts on this ever-so wonderful ever-so user friendly system?
  5. ex-lucy

    Wayne at Horsham

    very enjoyable evening in the company of SWB. he gave us (Sussex Society) a presentation and it was excellent. 'preparation' but was more about how to handle foul play incidents he showed some of his quins v Tigers incidents yc for skinner, yc to lambert, pt to Tigers .... we discussed them he...
  6. ex-lucy

    has to be seen to be believed....

    read this and advise pls .... factually incorrect about most facts ...
  7. ex-lucy


    in recent matches i have noticed a trend .. players dont know the offisde line at breakdowns i.e. rucks/ mauls/ tackles etc ... generally this pertains to forwards generally this pertains to the blind side typcially, the player will stand on the blind side and stand in a sort of pocket in...
  8. ex-lucy


    i am moving jobs to Crawley ... so will be in Sussex M-F. i am looking for midweek appts ..... any contacts pls?
  9. ex-lucy

    kick off/ restart options

    red restart after a try. ball goes into blue try area blue 15 touches down immediately. ref calls 'options' to blue skipper. blue skipper chooses scrum on half way ... see 13.9(b)
  10. ex-lucy

    Fed up ...

    the questioning of referees by spectators and coaches from the touch line is getting worse .. despite all the PR work with posters and leaflets etc .. about codes of conduct, coaches and spectators still stand there and scream ....openly questioning decisions loudly then the players listen to...
  11. ex-lucy

    Scrap in midfield

    2 red players and 1 blue player are having a scrap in midfield. maul/ ruck carrying on 20 yards away what do you do? what options do you have ? how do you restart?
  12. ex-lucy

    Sports Personality of the Year

    BCM66 hmm... I disagree ... Darts is not a sport .. it's a pastime ... so few variables involved ..... I admire Phil Taylor's brilliance but ... why isnt a champion cribbager or stamp collector involved?
  13. ex-lucy

    McCaw - the greatest?

    congrats to RM ... Richie McCaw named IRB player of the year It is the second successive year McCaw has landed the award and the third time in total, having also been honoured in 2006. The 29-year-old flanker won the vote ahead of fellow All Black Mils Muliaina, Victor Matfield, Imanol...
  14. ex-lucy

    Wales' 1st try .. obstruction?

    it looked like obstruction to me ... Shanklin was holding SA defender !!
  15. ex-lucy

    time ..... Steve Walsh

    near the end of the first half ... at just under 40 mins gone.. maybe 2 secs ... knock on by Wales ... Walsh plays advantage ... play continues ... eventually Walsh comes back for scrum .. time now 41 mins + Wales insist it is half time. Walsh says "knock on occurred before time was up ...
  16. ex-lucy

    yellow cards

    again ... Wales v Oz .. penalty to Oz in 22m .... Oz wanted to take a quick tap but Barnes called them back to issue a YC to a welshman. should he have allowd play to see if a score occurred and then award the YC? go back to last week in Tokyo ... and Rocky defo asked Rolland to allow him to...
  17. ex-lucy

    yellow cards

    i am surpised no fred on this .. how many pks would you award before showing a YC to a prop? at L8 ? at L12? at international level? for me ... at L8 = 1 talking to then on 3rd pk, with chats at downtime at L12 = 2 talkings to then on 3rd pk, with chats at downtime at int level = 1 talking...
  18. ex-lucy

    Saint Wayne

    I thought Saint Wayne didnt cover himself in roses at the weekend ... forward pass for Toulon's try !! jeez, unlike in Cardiff (NZ v France) .. he was right there adjacent to the blue 9 the ball passed him in flight ... the centre who received the pass was quite obviously in front of the 9 who...
  19. ex-lucy

    Venter again .. but does he have a point? the point being consistency of interpretation by referees ...
  20. ex-lucy

    Yellow Cards

    as mentioned in another fred ... last season i (officially) gave out 41x YCs and 2x RCs in actual fact it was 52 x YCs and 3x RCs in 81 matches. this season so far ... 27 x YCs and 1x RC in 22 matches. obviously there is a problem .... so advice is welcome lets look at yesterday's National...