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    France v Scotland.

    Ah Lawrence, penalty against France for not letting the player to get up.
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    Defenders leave a ruck. is it over?

    Hi, Ruck formed, ball towards the back on Blue's side. Red players all step back from the ruck, disengaging. I take it that is the end of the ruck?
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    Good use of plain english on Comp rules.

    Liked the terminology in the Raging Bull Colts rules: (1). Team RP's should always ensure they know the Referee's Name and Mobile Number - for emergency contact - just in case things go pear shaped on the day of the game or before.
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    suitable player.

    At u17. As far as suitable players is concerned. If a team lost it's hookers, is a prop ok to play 2 without previous experience in the position or should they team go uncontested? Thanks.
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    Back foot in a ruck.

    Saw in a game mid week. A ruck over a tackled player. He ended up flat with his feet pointing towards his scrum half and has placed the ball quickly down the side of his body. His pack, on their feet!!) drive past him until his legs were out of the back of the ruck and the ball was then by his...
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    Communication with the Referee.

    hi all, Just looking for guidence here. Junior Colts game this weekend and a particular opposition player was going high with his tackles and when being tackled would raise his elbow into the face of the tackler, it was noticable after each occassion he put a player on the ground with his elbow...
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    What is a high tackle in RL?

    Have watched a bit of league on tele recently and wanted to understand what constitutes a high tackle? Reason for asking is that there appears to be long passages of play were players just crash into each other and any hope of an off load is killed off by a smother tackle around shoulder/head...
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    What constitutes a suitable FR player?

    The accident at Lymm recently highlights the potential injuries that can happen to players on the pitch. With that in mind is the position in Senior rugby the same as junior rugby in that the player should have had appropriate front row training prior to a game. I was in a discussuon at the...
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    How do the Irish forwards always end up in the back of opposition mauls legitimately. Always appear to be coming in around the side to me. Could somebody explain what they are doing to make their actions legal.
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    Scrum Penalty Try.

    5m attacking scrum for red. Can't see what happens after a big drive to line but is pulled back for a new red scrum. Scrum re-sets, ball in and wheels in favour of red i.e red 8 is going open and closer to the line and black backrow away from the ball. Before the ball comes back the ref blows...
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    Question mark after the tackle.

    Had a couple of Junior coaches saying how they are coaching the tackled player to assume a question mark shape once tackled. The player is head towards the opposition, rolls to on to one side and pushes the ball back along the body and through the legs that have been pulled up slightly. If they...
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    My son played 2's at the weekend. A fellow Snr Colt said he was gouged. They brought this to the refs attention. He said he didn't see anything and took no further action. Speaking to a ref on the Sunday during his Snr Colts match who said the ref should have spoken to the opposition and...
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    Keeping 15 Players on the Pitch.

    Has there been any guidence to referees to make an effort to keep 15 players on the pitch and look to avoid red cards? Friend was telling me that a society Ref contact of his wasn't issuing red cards because he was being encouraged not to and where he had carded players, the expected bans...
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    Taken in or not.

    Blue kick deep into black half, the black fullback, standing outside his 22, gets his finger tips to the ball as it goes over his head and the ball continues into the 22. The fullback runs back and collects the ball and clears to touch, still inside the 22. The referee marked the lineout where...
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    Maul and offside

    Just wanted to check. Blue have an attacking lineout on reds 5metre. Clean catch and drive with the ball at the back of the maul. As the ball goes over the line blue just has to drop to score however if the player doesn't react quick enough would I be right in thinking that red players could...
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    Restart not 10.

    Red restarts after a try. The ball doesn't go 10 but a blue player steps inside the 10, the ball hits his shin and bounces out. The ball never travels 10. The referee offered blue the choice and they took a scrum. I thought that blue touching the ball with any part of their body would count as...
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    High Tackles.

    I dropped this one onto the SA Rugby refereeing site Question: Watching a number of Tri-Nations matches, there appears to be an acceptance by the referee and assistants of tackles coming in above the shoulder. While the attacking player isn't normally injured in the tackle, it does appear to...
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    Putting this in here as i don't have access to one of the other forums. Having seen the ELV's in play in the SH and pre season games in the NH, some are good, others just make the game a bit like an U8's game - lots of running around with little tactical or strategic knowledge required. The...
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    Attacking tap penalty.

    hi, couple of questions about attacking penalties. 1. Attacking side opt to take the tap. S/h on the mark and the receiver and support players drop back 10 metres. The receiver and support charge, late tap by the S/h who off loads to the ball. This doesn't fit the description of a cavalry...
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    Daily Mail Vase.

    I watched my son lose at Twickenham yesterday to a penalty kick that was the last play of the game. Having played 8 minutes injury time - U15's by the way - A scrum was awarded in front of the posts on the 22. The referee had a word with the defending back row not to break early, fair enough...