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    Defending the try line - where is offside?

    Hi Refs. When red is attacking the try line with <10 meters to go, let's say they're 7 meters out. Where exactly do the toes of defending blues need to be at the play of the ball? To the letter of the law my understanding was toes BEHIND the try line. Wikipedia: "A defending player is...
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    RL finals of the Irish games.

    I thought this might pass the time for a few viewers. :) Treaty City Titans v Dublin City Exiles First half Second half Presentations...
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    where to get a NRL Whistle

    Hi. The whistle used in the NRL has a distinctive tone. It sounds lower and almost as though it's slowing down. Where can I get one of those? Mine sounds very Soccer-ish.
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    Offside, not down town.

    What happened to being "down town"? Is that different at the play of the ball?
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    Fending / Face palming... where's the line?? :/

    I had about 4 bloody noses last week and I know exactly why. Punches from the butt of the palm. All happening in a few seconds that make a RL tackle... let's say we have a heavy RED forward tackled low by 2 BLUE light backs. The 2 blues stop him but don't get him down. As the 3rd blue runs...
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    Over zealous coaches.

    Last Saturday during a game of League I had a right mouthy coach trancing up and down the sideline heckling away non stop. It eventually got to the point at about 60 mins that he antagonised the other team and was on the pitch getting into handbags with the opposition. How do you deal with...
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    The Club Referee Application 1.1.3

    Hi Guys. I've just released the latest version of the App. I'm very excited about this release as it transmits your taps on the pitch to the web in a second or less. This means everyone all around the world get play by play updates direct from the Ref on the pitch as they happen.:pepper: View...
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    Grabbing the back of the collar

    This has bugged me for ages. What's the situation when; a defender chases down the ball carrier from behind, while running stretches and reaches out and grabs the back of the players collar and yanks him back?
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    Feeding the ball into the League scrum - Union style

    Hi. With UNION players having a go at playing LEAGUE a few common mistakes happen. When it comes to feeding the ball into the scrum they sometimes roll it into the middle between the two hookers (Instead of back through the legs of his own team). Now what has happened is the ball bobbed about...
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    Who to ask about spreading the word on my new Rugby Ref app

    Before I get ear bashed for spamming I'm trying to find who (moderator) to clear with to tell Refs about the new app I'm working on. I tried to PM Robert Burns since his name came to me on sign up but apparently I'm not privileged enough ;) I'll be needing people to try it out and give me...