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    Coaches trying to tell the ref what he should do

    U14 NLD game stopped whilst a coach came and told the ref that one of the opposing team players should be sent off for a tackle on his son. Both ref and TJ saw no problem with tackle but coach continued whilst spectators wondered what was going on.Lasted over 10 mins! This really should not be...
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    The soccer style wall

    Not seen this in rugby since the 1970's. at U13 national cup one side form a line with ball carrier in middle facing away from opposition then two runners cross behind with one taking the ball to confuse other team . Don't ask me why the other team didn't run up to wall and try and compete for...
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    Strange question this and I can't find it in the laws, but I ref'd a match and noticed team a put a particularly tall back in the line out . It felt odd but I can't think that there's anything wrong . By the way it's at u13 level so they're all different shapes and sizes
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    Restarts in midi

    Usually restarts after a try and conversion are when everyone has got back in position.However, in festivals no conversions are allowed (due to space and time). we went to Norfolk recently and ref allowed team who had just had try against them to race to centre and kick the ball before opposing...