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    Maul not Moving Forward

    This was a game in Colombo between two schools which play for a shield and decided on two legs
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    Maul not Moving Forward

    Would you consider this as maul not moving fwd Once formed, a maul must move towards a goal line. Is there any difference if you take the line out law Line out not over
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    Line Out

    This is the actual video
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    Line Out

    That is my point too. The video would have given a better idea . Find difficult to upload . In real time the jumper wins the ball and shows to pass to receiver but does not . This IMO is within the law.
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    Line Out

    A penalty was given
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    Line Out

    Law 15.16g Ruck No player .. Take any action to make opponents believe that the ruck has ended when it has not. maul ( law 16.11 c ) Take any action to make opponents believe that the maul has ended when it has not. Law 19.38 f scrum restricted practice. Scrum-half attempting to make...
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    Under 19 Variation Scrum

    The under 19 law variation says . As quoted .above. i the team throwing allowed to decide eight if they are not the penalized team .
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    Under 19 Variation Scrum

    In a under 19 scrum the law states . UNDER-19 VARIATION In an eight-person scrum, the formation must be 3-4-1, with the single player (normally the number eight) shoving on the two locks. The locks must pack with their heads on either side of the hooker. When a team is reduced to fewer than...
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    Time Half Ends

    Scenario. Attacking team Blue drives into in goal. The referee whistles and signals ball held in goal. Then he blows for full time. Question. Is the ball dead in terms of the law to whistle for end of half. Explanation . Definition : the ball is dead when the referee blows the whistle to stop...
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    Line out

    The law on line out 18.29.d. Leave the lineout so as to be in a position to receive the ball, provided they remain within 10 metres of the mark of touch and they keep moving until the lineout is over. Sanction: Free-kick. 18.27. Once the lineout has commenced, the thrower and the thrower’s...
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    [Law] 50:22

    Law 18.8a. Reads A player, in their own half, kicks the ball indirectly into touch in the opposition’s 22. Either the team did not take the ball into their half, or a tackle, ruck or maul took place within the half, or an opponent touched the ball within the half. This variation does not apply...
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    [Law] Rolling Substitution Blue Card

    In the normal laws of the game Blood, Bin Replacement is not counted as a substitution. I believe the same applies to the Blue Carded player. If Rolling substitution is allowed. A maximum of 12 substitutions (Changes) per team per match shall be allowed using 12 substitution cards. Changes...
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    [Scrum] Off side how far

    19.30 a. Once play in the scrum begins, the scrum-half of the team not in possession: Takes up a position with both feet behind the ball and close to the scrum but not in the space between the flanker and the number eight or b. Permanently retires to a point on the offside line either at that...
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    [CLUB RUGBY] Structure and Responsibikity for Referees Appointments and pathway

    Could you give me some info on referees structure In your country an eg is below The pathway for refereeing in the rugby developed countries include referring at the local society and progressing to state or region . In Australia you proceed to Premiership , to National Level SANZAR and World...
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    [Law] Player Welfare .

    A team complaints to the match commissioner that a player of the opposing team is infected with conjunctivitis (sore eyes) . This is reported to the MDD who wants a written complaint. The match starts and while the game is in progress the letter is given and player examined and found positive...
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    [Law] Offside at scrum

    I wish to discuss and or seek views on the difference in of law 19.28 which says start of play ( is this when you call for a scrum) and and law 29.30 which says scrum begins ( which is when the ball,leaves the hand of the scrum half) 27;. Players remain onside for the duration of the scrum...
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    Charging into A Maul

    9.20 Dangerous play in a ruck or maul. a. A player must not charge into a ruck or maul. Charging includes any contact made without binding onto another player in the ruck or maul. 7. Players joining a maul must: a. Do so from an onside position. b. Bind on to the hindmost player in the maul...
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    [Ruck] Advantage

    The question relates to the first penalty to blue in the video link below. Time 05.20 to 05.40 1. Referee indicates ruck is over. 2. Advantage for Green because blue player incorrect entry . Question mark. 3 There does not seem to be any clear or real advantage to blues . 4 Advantage has...
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    [Scrum] Uncontested scrums

    A match is payed under wet and soggy underfoot conditions . The ground is also uneven . This is an under 19 game . Three minutes into the first half and second scrum takes place and the front row collapses and a layer has a bad injury.The first scrum too was not steady . Considering the bad...
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    [Law] Obstriction In this case the referee disallowed the try . Reason was obstruction . My View Obstruction Reason . There was a maul that broke down and the ball is on ground . No ruck open play ?? Defense is not able to get to ball carrier , Negative play...