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    [Law] KO deliberately not going 10

    Whilst looking at the clip in the below thread - I saw this... Even if time was up, I don't think I'd finish the match on that - and give the opposing team options. Would I be right?
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    Bath/Sharks - AR pushing water-carier

    The TJ in Bath/Sharks seems a tad aggressive towards the water-boy at 1:15:21 (45:32 game time). Hardly seems to be defusing the situation...
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    Saracens vs Bristol - Next maul penalty will go... At 39:49 (game clock) - Tom Foley says "3 maul penalties, next maul penalty will go" At 40:23 - Is the next maul penalty, but advantage is played, and Sarecens score, as a result of which TF...
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    Wales quickly taken PK...

    ...after a yellow card, whilst England had a man off the field being subbed and water and physios were on the field. I’m not sure I would have allowed play to resume. Still will teach England to wake up....
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    Ref watch..

    This thread gave me the push I needed to get my apple-watch app back up to speed. It's still very much beta status - but I am quite proud of the interface which tracks: game-time, elapsed-time, score, sin-bins (player & time), PK count (recent, this-half, total), cautions and red-cards. It's...
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    [Law] Incorrectly taken penalty.

    A penalty or free-kick must be taken without delay. Any player from the non-offending team may take it, other than for a free-kick awarded for a mark. The kicker must use the ball that was in play unless the referee decides it is defective. The kicker may punt, drop-kick or place-kick (other...
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    [Tackle] South African schoolboy rugby viral tackle video

    and here's the 2016/17 CRISP report: ...and a little excerpt for those who don't get a kick out of reading such things...
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    [In-goal] KO over dead ball line

    Wondering if I got this right (and fearful it might be the old advantage by making ball dead chestnut) Yellow breaks this line, runs the length of the pitch and then in the act of trying to place the ball down in goal (under very little pressure) manages to catch it with his foot and...
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    [Law] Try annulled for foul play

    Surely this warrants a PK? Offside Position / Not coming from back foot. Playing a player not in the ruck.
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    [Tackle] South African schoolboy rugby viral tackle video

    Not disagreeing with the laws of physics - just your application of them in this scenario. I certainly agree the concept that context is relevant, and I think the video provides enough context for me to have an opinion (and with this being an U14s game - I think PK+YC is the right call)... I...
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    [Tackle] South African schoolboy rugby viral tackle video

    For me this is dangerous play, even if unintentional...
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    [Law] 'Keep the Score' vs 'Know the Score'

    Flish - when I looked for one of these I couldn't find one, what do you use? I ended up creating a prototype myself (which I have just dusted off). It keeps track of game time, elapsed time, score, any sin-bins (separate clock)... It's a few iOS's old but still seemed to deploy to the...
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    [Scrum] Feeding

    Watching the Eng-SA game it looks like we have given up on any pretence of a straight feed. Some of the SA put-ins were direct to the back row (England may have been as bad but I didn’t notice).
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    A lot of U11 questions...

    I just received a bulk-lot of U11 law questions from one of my fellow U11 coaches. Thought I'd share here to see who agreed/disagreed with the answers I gave him. 1. At a free kick, or free pass oponents must be 7 metres back. If you tell them and they don't retreat the required distance or...
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    [Mini/Midi] Age-Grade crib-sheet for wallet (England)

    More great input... original link targets updated. I've left off is Squeeze-ball as I can't quite work out where it fits.
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    [Mini/Midi] Age-Grade crib-sheet for wallet (England)

    I quite frequently ref. age-grade rugby, and have the devil of a time remembering all the countless age-grade variations. I created this crib sheet to laminate & carry in my ref. wallet to use as quick pre-match aid-memorie. Sharing in the hope somebody else finds it useful...
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    [Kit] ELRA Tops

    Does anybody know if the RFU still make available the yellow ELRA tops? I never got one at the time, and don't really like wearing soc. kit (even last year's model) if I'm not independently appointed to the game.
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    [Assistant Referees] Revised TMO trial For me this is a step in completely the wrong direction, I think the on the run consultation of the TMO enhances the decision making, and allows play to flow.
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    [Law] Player hurdles tackler... For me this is a PK to gold for dangerous play... Other views? (other than of course the Ref of the game in question - who clearly thought play-on)
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    [Law] pick and go prebinding

    I know there is some discussion in other threads - but I felt a dedicate thread was warranted... I think the current accetance of a player picking and going at the back of a ruck, immediately having 2 players pre-bind and driving pretty much directly to the floor is both illegal and also...