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    Offside when ruck is over, Maoris V Ireland ?

    That is a very clear post on highlighting the actual uncertainty in my mind regarding the decision taken when Perenara's pass was disrupted by a player that was legally part of the ruck after the ruck was over. I fear the clarity of any answer may be in the greyzone though.
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    Offside when ruck is over, Maoris V Ireland ?

    So a player that is part of a ruck and on his feet can play the 9 when the ball is lifted? To me it looked fine in that Yes, I thought the ball emergence within a metre was a clear penalty and was shocked it was ignored. To me, Perenara had a window of opportunity to clear the ball but did...
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    Offside when ruck is over, Maoris V Ireland ?

    More of a coach than a ref but would like some clarity. Maori All Blacks V Ireland a legal ruck was completed when TJ Perenara (9) lifted the ball and stood up, in the act of passing his arm was pulled by an Irish player was legally part of the original ruck, is he then offside because he has...
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    What’s allowed when no one is left in the ruck?

    The further scenario to this is that the two players lose their footing while rucking and the next player that arrives legally attempts to pick the ball out of "the ruck" which is technically, strictly not a ruck, is he then allowed to? I have heard the quote "once a ruck always a ruck"...
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    [7's/10's] What is the definition of the playing a ball in the scrum?

    When is the scrum over with regards to the 9 playing the ball, is it when he touches it, or like a ruck when he picks it up. Law 19 states its when he plays the ball, but what is the definition of playing it? (edit, sorry missed out "9"in title question)
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    [Ruck] Playing the ball while on the floor not been tackled?

    As a coach who referees most weeks can I have clarification on this. If a player is on the floor, not from a tackle and a ball comes to him must he be on his feet to play it. I dont allow it but I saw it here and it perfectly encapsulated an issue I had previously debated...
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    [Line out] Hooker with both feet in the field of play?

    Watching televised games it appears more and more that the hookers are throwing into lineouts with both feet in the field of play. What is it about rugby that even simple rules are allowed to be ignored, if it becomes fashionable. To me, its should be stringently enforced as it effects flight...
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    [Junior] Fly hacking loose play, under 11s WRU?

    Refereed a game today and i blew for fly hacking ahead in open play and said it was not allowed. Coach thought i was wrong but was fine about it. After game i contacted some district coaches who coach and referee at this age group and they all agreed with me. I then checked it on the WRU...
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    [Law] Knocked dead by knock on ?

    Just watching a TV game Pontypridd against Ebbw Vale........ Ponty kick ahead ball is over try line no Ebbw player has touched the ball in an attempt to ground ball POnty player knocks it on and it goes dead. Ref decision after going to TMO scrum 5 to Ebbw. Should Ebbw have been offered the...
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    [Junior] Welsh Rugby Pathway under 11s.

    Recently reffed a game for under 11s, players at this age group are not allowed to rip or grab the ball in the tackle. Player scores a try but in the act of going over players grab the ball and prevent the grounding. I awarded the try. Coaches of defending team extremely unhappy. Can anyone...
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    [Maul] Question on driving maul at a lineout ??

    About six months ago attended a WRU level one coaching course. Ive been involved in coaching for 30 as head coach at a decent though not great level (Chapionship in Wales) am currently quite heavily involved with Jnr rugby so decided to do my level one. Anyway this is the question, i expressed...