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    [Scrum] When is the ball "out" of the scrum?

    The scrum ends when the ball comes out of the scrum in any direction except the tunnel, but what does "out" actually mean? My specific circumstances are:The ball is fed into the scrum and successfully hooked back. It ends up at the feet of the blind side flanker, who unbinds, picks up the ball...
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    Mark - Gain in ground

    Sorry but another question from a new referee! (two in fact) 1, Mark is given to player, he then kicks the ball directly into touch - Gain in ground? (where is this is the good book?) 2, Mark is given to player, he then kicks the ball right through the opposition DBL - scrum back? (again where...
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    Ruck - ball on the ground

    The definition of a ruck includes the ball being on the ground. If all other factors are in place (1 or more from each team, on their feet etc) but the ball is not on the floor (say its trapped on top of a player who has attempted to release it) is it a ruck and does law 16 apply? Many thanks
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    Drop Out or scrum back

    I awarded a penalty inside black 22 (in at the side). Black No 10 puts in a huge kick and the ball goes (without touching another player) across the yellow DBL. I awarded a 22 drop out to yellow. Should I have offered the scrum back option? or would that only be from open play? Thanks Vince
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    Referee Briefing

    Can anyone offer me guidance on the referees briefing? I'm happy with who I brief (front rows, 9, 10 & captain - unless you have other ideas?) and i've got an idea of what i'm going to cover, but are there any pearls of wisdom? All guidance gratefully received for a new boy! Many thanks
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    Referee Briefing

    Can anyone offer a brief guide on what to cover in a pre-match briefing and to which players. I'm new to the whistle (as per my last blog) and would appreciate some wisdom. I have an idea and want to see if i'm on the right path?? Many thanks Vince
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    In Goal Question can you help??

    I'm a new referee and I've got a law question that i just don't seem to be able to get my head around.Law 22.7 (a) states that when an attacking player sends or carries the ball into the opponents’ in-goal and it becomes dead there, either because a defender grounded it or because it went into...