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    Penalty Kick

    So long as you clearly place kick AT GOAL
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    Dealing with Injuries

    Make it known you have seen their little game, if they continue -stop the game; Stern words and a follow up report about one or both (or even all three) of the interested persons. Delay permission for returning to play for the injured player until you feel equity/wasted time has been applied...
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    Law 3.21.c The referee decides (with or without medical advice) that it would be inadvisable for the player to continue. The referee orders that player to leave the playing area. Sometimes you have to stand up and make that decision on the player's behalf -knowing it may not be popular. 'Twas...
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    dumbed-down terminology

    "Advantage-Penalty" with appropriate signal. Most nearby players know what infringement this applies to.
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    Do you ping double banking at the lineout?

    18.17.a Once the lineout is formed, players: From the team throwing in may not leave the lineout other than to change positions with other participating players. Key phrase; CHANGE POSITIONS. So they can change with receiver, they can change within the line, but preparing for the ensuing...
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    Dropped ball in maul

    I can see a penalty for hands in the ruck, a scrum for a knock-on, a scrum for accidental offside, or a penalty for deliberate offside once the ball has been picked up. The discussion afterwards would have been interesting -perhaps the easy call (knock-on = first offence) for the first time it...
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    Rugby Focused Law Changes - May 9th

    I agreed with all of that -until you mentioned the team in green.
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    Jumper Dummy Throw

    TO TEAMS: Don't take the p*ss, we all know what a reasonable amount of time looks like. If you gain an advantage by the delay -or 'draw in' an infringement, then you cannot be surprised if I penalise you!
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    Driven to ground in ruck

    Wax on.........
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    Where are you this weekend - 2023/24?

    Tell the AR -if it's not card worthy AND you've got the number DON'T bother! I AM THE REF, NOT YOU. YOU ARE AN AR, PLEASE ACT LIKE ONE.!
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    Statistics help required

    You would need a meaningful number of games at a club; say a minimum of ten? You would also need a spread of different referees so one individual does not distort the results by being to generous, or too mean, or too regular so they get treated differently. Rule one; YOU make the rules! set a...
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    Penalty Try *and* penalty restart

    A re-start after a score is different from a re-start after foul play when the ball was already dead; in this case though they are in the same place.
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    World Rugby phased plan to grow the sport

    Sadly another situation where TV is driving the game. Still I expect they will want to do something about the scrum feed or we will end up with no scrum at all which is no good for the players of sizes and shapes at community level. No community game = no professional game in ten years time.
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    Penalty Try *and* penalty restart

    In the table for Law 20.1 second item; play restarts with a PK where play would normally restart i.e. half way
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    So when is Rassie Erasmus gong to get sanctioned for coaching on the field?

    Some great examples of lineout thrower's feet on the pitch in the six nations last weekend.
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    Juggling ball now NOT in possession

    That's an early tackle, not a juggle to be seen when the tackler makes first contact..
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    France v Italy - potential spoiler

    Everyone seemed to get confused between a conversion and a penalty kick. They are professional players, they should know the laws. The ref is a professional ref, he should know the laws. I know TV rugby is supposed to be different but I wish it wasn't. Yet another rod for the back of the...
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    Where are you this weekend - 2023/24?

    Loughborough students on an artificial pitch?? Good work out for you!
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    In touch?

    So many of the current laws are to "enhance" TV rugby -they only make life more difficult for the Mortals -particularly those of us who used to be "Piano Shifters". If only all refs had ultra slo-mo replay available we might get more accurate decisions (as long as there was only one person...
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    Where are you this weekend - 2023/24?

    We might need skis, or flippers depending on the temperature.