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    Blues v Connacht

    Watching this - line out which led to the Blues first try. Was the ball handed back befor the catcher hit the ground?
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    Obstruction - Article in SAReferees

    Some still pictures: Start of the run - 1½-2m behind: Approaching the 22 - approaching tackler seen - 1m behind: Tackler closing - virtually level: Just before contact - marginally (and I mean only marginally) ahead:
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    Eng v Uru

    Uru at the ruck consistently threatening not just the first receiver, but the pass off the base. Are Eng backs too flat, or are Uru offside. I discount the idea that Uru are just quick off the mark - on one occasion it was their #2!
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    Aus v Wal

    At 31:54: is Genia (in soccer parlance) backing into the Welsh chaser?
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    Grab tackle involving legs

    Disagree; look at this screengrab from the final video, (the one which shows the break): the tackler's left knee/shin is making contact with the ball carrier's ankle, which takes him down. That (with the studs catching in the turf rather than sliding across it) is what breaks the ankle IMHO.
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    Craig Joubert's loss of form

    Really? I wish I had a screen that allowed me to see through a player's body to see a shoulder that isn't visible to other viewers.
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    red card decision Canada v Scotland [MERGED]

    I spent the years I'd have been playing rugby fencing and presiding and coaching (in a small way) - so dissection of automatic movements was pretty much to the fore. The view is foreshortened; this still, from immediately after the sequence above, shows that the left arm is holding the ball...
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    red card decision Canada v Scotland [MERGED]

    There follows a sequence of stills from the video in the OP: Red #6 has just received the ball: Red #6's right shoulder and elbow swinging forward: Contact made (daylight between elbow and side): Elbow forced back against Red #6's body by impact: Fend-off starts: and continues...
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    NZ v England

    At the point of this still, NO has just called "Ruck..." and hasn't yet said "": And this is from just before he calls "Ruck...": I was wrong; Black #13 is not yet in contact with White #9 when "Ruck..." is called". And finally, this is as far back as Black #13 gets before driving...