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    *Incident*, *PANIC!* erm.... scrum red

    Blue has a 22 drop-out, went very high, and because he took the kick quite deep into his 22, it didnt cross the line... Panicked and gave the scrum. I presume this is right, but not 100% Tah
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    Heart rate monitors

    Gents, My friend whose a sport scientist was saying the other day about how in order to get a decent training reigeime everyone should be wearing heart rate monitors... i then hear someone else mentioning how good they are. So being the fashion victim i am, ive just gone out and bough a Fitbit...
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    International Opportunities

    Hi everyone, Thinking about trying to go away for a few weeks, and wondering if anybody had any ideas/opportunities? Currently doing L7 in the UK. Bisto
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    Where are you this weekend? 2014/15

    Womble, who's your Varsity with? Got a charity game this weekend between Roade school old boys and Northampton Men' Own, got a few friends playing so I saaid i'd do it. Then onto Franklin's again on tuesday night to AR in the East Midlands Final! Quick shot from Tuesday just gone with the...
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    Urgent - ref required!

    Anybody looking for a game this Wednesday? Uni of Northampton v De Montford Uni.... top of the table clash with promotion for either side on the cards. Need to know asap or our season is over in terms of promotion. Bisto
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    Where are you this weekend? 2014/15

    So turns out my game is on the supporters day to celebrate the club raising £400,000 for their new club house. Radio, TV and plenty of cameras by the sounds of it... have to meet the major and the MP too!
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    Kit Clangers!

    THIS IS JUST A BIT OF FUN GENTS, CAN'T BE DEALING WITH ANY COMMENTS (ESPECIALLY FROM YOU DAD) ABOUT BEING UNPREPARED ETC! :biggrin: Right then, where do I begin! So i had a near 3 hour journey today from Northampton upto Birmingham (usually would take about 1hour40 but it was chaos in the city...
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    Where are you this weekend? 2014/15

    Thought i'd better capture the moment, a sunny NON-RAINY day in Upton-Upon-Severn! Next weekend sees another exchange to Burntwood v Willenhall (if anyone knows which league this is that's help!)
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    Bit of a gap...

    Standard 10 months since I last blogged, making this less of a blog more of a time capsule at the moment, but hopefully will be doing a bit more. So this summer I finally went under the knife and got my bloody shoulder sorted out, meaning that I have the option to go back to playing...but if im...
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    Is the rugby spirit still there?

    Sorry I havent been around much, but freshers week is done now... so i guess its time to get back in the real world. I did a L9 game today where the first teams had called up several players from each team that morning, leaving both teams with depleted squads... regardless, we decided that we...
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    Lions Lift

    I was reffing a friendly when one of the lads (hes a bit of a k**b, i know him far to well, and that isnt a friendly banter k**b, hes an utter phallus) tried lifting one of the back rowers in a 2001 Lions-esque lift. What is the law behind this? Presume you all know what im on about if not...
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    Tackles from Digby Ioane... Thoughts gents?
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    7s Circuit

    Anywhere doing 7s this summer that there's a chance of doing? Summer can be a very boring time for a student...:wait:
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    Joe marler and White Boots

    Could be worse... I had these fellas at the start of last season, not the best boots for a backrow to have! LLP being a top father and paying for them before being sent back for being, in a word, shite!
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    Abuse towards referee....

    Basically, in my game today there was a flash point in that there was a little bit of pushing as shoving (as far as I could see) in a Colts game. Now i played advantage to black, and then subsequently reversed the following penalty to black after a white penalty due to the reaction of White 8...
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    Reffing opportunities abroad

    Hiya everyone, just wondering if anyone had any ideas about any reffing opportunities abroad as I thought it could be a bit of fun and a good experience... don't tell my dad!:knuppel2:
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    Problems with playing on a 3G pitch.... cables!

    I'M BACK! Had a strange one last week, whilst refereeing my lot (University of Northampton) and England Deaf Team. We played a friendly on a 3G pitch, and at a restart the ball hit one of the cables which run perpendicular to the pitch. Myself and both captains just said re-take the kick, but...
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    Student Refs?

    Gents! Just wondering if there are any student referees out there on this site? I know of one so far.. and just wondering if there were any others? Tah Then
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    First month... by ek!

    It's been a busy 4 weeks for me! With my first game only 3 weeks ago, i'm now 5 games in and reffing around level 12! Really enjoying it so far, the adults rugby has been a way of me gaining confidence in my decisions... whereas the juniors has helped in my decision making and positioning...