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    Wasps v Lei - Greg Garner

    40th minute, GG goes to the TMO to check a forward pass. He says to the TMO "can you put it up on the screen, I just want to check if it's clearly a forward pass... if you can get one with like the lines on the pitch that would be great" Sigh. How can we expect people to understand what a...
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    Argentina v Australia

    Wayne Barnes is not wearing a watch. I know they have time keepers but it looks wrong!
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    Clancy - Namibia v Georgia

    Georgian lineout in Namibian 22. Time for the first half has elapsed. Georgia throw the ball in not straight. Clancy whistles for not straight. Half time thinks I, but George disagrees! Doesn't obviously give the option to Namibia just awards them a lineout and says 'we have to have the...
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    Number 8 changing position

    Can a number 8 who starts a scrum packed between the two second rows, move his position to be between second row and flanker during the scrum, providing at all times he maintains a bind with a least one arm?
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    Controversial Ending Check out the final paragraph of this report from yesterday. Thoughts? Should you ever allow a retake because of the crowd? Should you ever overrule both TJs? (presumably one from each team) Do we think error 1 led...
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    Man Off Rule: Bath v Northampton

    Really interesting Premiership clash last night which has well and truly brought 'man off' and 'STE' into the public eye. Bath have their replacement hooker injured with about 15-20 minutes to go in a very close and important game. Their starting hooker is already replaced due to injury...
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    Varsity Match

    132nd Varsity Match on Sky today and it had the first red card in the game's long history. Matt Carley showing the Oxford 9 a red card for an eye gouge. Sure we haven't heard the last of this, it didn't look pretty. Interesting how it came about. The TO3 didn't see anything live. The 'victim'...
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    Where is the scrum?

    Red SH is tackled a couple of metres from his own line. He attempts to offload to his ten, but inadvertably throws the ball into in goal. Red pick up the stationary ball from in goal and attempt to play their way out of trouble. Two long passes follow but they realise they won't make it out of...
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    BaaBaa's vs Fiji Why didn't Fiji wear a change strip?!
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    50 Assessments

    When I started refereeing (April 2010) I created a folder on my computer in which to put all of my assessment reports, which I filed by number. On Saturday I reached my half century! This means that on 50 occasions an assessor / MO has watched me referee and then taken the time and effort to...
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    Wales v Tonga

    Anyone else watching? 13 minutes in and the scrums are a mess. I'm afraid the referee is clearly guessing who to penalise at the scrum. The most recent penalty he blew his whistle and then you could see him deciding which arm to raise (it took a few seconds). Painful to watch.
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    eBay - fancy a new society?

    How do society people feel about their kit appearing on eBay? For example - anyone want to referee as a Hampshire Society Ref? Maybe you would prefer Devon? Or just promote yourself to the National Panel! Does it matter? Who...
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    European Rugby Highlights

    Just caught up with the highlights of the European games from the weekend and the pundits on Sky discussed two refereeing decisions at length. I didn't agree with them on either! I wonder what others think (sorry no clips). 1) Leinster v Castres. Away scrum half yellow carded for third...
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    Glos v saints

    Oh dear. Looking straight at them. 3 metres in front.
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    Earliest Card / Captain's Warning

    I am 2 hours into a 130 mile journey for today's game so have stopped at the services for a beverage. Sat in the services are the entire away team all in matching tops enjoying a host of different inappropriate pre game snacks - I know who they are of course but they don't know who i am. Now...
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    Rowing Machine

    Does anyone have any experience with home rowing machines? I am keen to increase my cardio work and for a variety of reasons am thinking about getting a home rowing machine. They seem to vary tremendously in price (£100-£1000). Are the cheap ones absolutely useless? Anyone got one or got any...
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    "CBSY9" - another first experience

    I had my first go last night with 'CBSY9' and thought I would share my experience for all those who are heading out to start their season today. It was a level 6 v 7 friendly, a second game for the former and first for the latter. 1) I wish I'd rehearsed my pre-match brief with regards the new...
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    Referee decapitated after murdering player What on earth?
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    B&IL anthem jacket for sale

    B&IL anthem jacket for sale Gents, my daughter got me a very nice B&IL Anthem jacket for Father's Day, but sadly it doesn't fit. She bought it more than a month ago and therefore the RFU website won't refund it. As such I am selling it and intend to buy one in the correct size. The link...
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    Gloucester v Worcester

    Final play of the game; TMO awards match winning penalty try and a red card. For me, penalty and a yellow card. Anyone else seen it?