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    [RWC] Italy vs RSA Tackle RC

    Hi Just interested in why no consideration of giving both Red Cards ? Ben
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    [Scrum] Ball against the head offside -- how to prevent

    Hi I seem to be encountering a problem whenever the ball is lost against the head in the scrum. Namely the formerly attacking backs rush up to the hind most foot of the scrum ignoring the call from me to stay 5. Ball comes out, immediate penalty advantage as the space has been completely...
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    [Kit] Asic plastic blades

    Hi For the last 10 seasons or so I have warn the Asics boots with the plastic blade style arrangment and have loved them and managed all season with them. Need a new pair and now find myself unable to find the blade style boots from Asics, anyone seen any around or now if they are still made...
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    Tmo for foul play during play.

    In the England v Wales game, first half the tmo is consulted on no arms tackle. However the players didn't appear to react till the whistle went. After review we went back to scrum side in possession. Instead of go forward ball for the attackers. Views? Average ref never going to have...
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    World cup forum missing

    Hi The Rugby world cup and Northerm hemisphere forums have gone missing. have I missed an announcment ? Ben
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    Washing kit

    Ok, so I know its an odd question but here goes. How the buggery are you supposed to wash the new style 100% polyester shirts like the 125 London or similar. I have gotten a little bit of mud on both my new society shirt and my London shirt will it shift I have tried just about everything I...
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    Protocol for TMO in Autumn Internationals

    Hi Can anyone offer an opinion on whether they have a new protocol for the TMO in the Autumn internationals. It appears, that the referee is watching the big screen, and then offering an opinion to the TMO who confirms or disagrees. Is this just a case of the old field referee deciding for...
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    Kit Bag -- Probably Akuma

    Hi I have decided I need a new kit bag to trapse round the county with and I think I need a bigger than usual bag. I am looking at the Akuma wheeled bag, and wondered if anyone had tried it out ? Or had any other suggestions as to what the best bet is ? Ben
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    Schools game lack of response from players

    Hi Today I did an u16 schools game and had a match observer present. My penalty count was very high. After approximately 25 minutes I had cause to speak to both captains that their players where not responding to my instructions / communication. I asked them both to speak to their players...
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    England vs Ireland Stamp

    What is going through the ref's mind letting the stamp go ? Yes Cole pulled the maul down and was penalised for it, Healey had no need to stamp on him. If I saw that its getting a yellow at an absolute minimum if not a red. Ben
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    Referee Rating - Craig Joubert - England v Scotland (RWC 2011)

    BIASED REPORT Yes OFFSIDES 9 ADVANTAGE 9 SCRUMS 9 RUCKS & MAULS 9 TACKLE 9 CONTROL 10 COMMUNICATION 10 DANGEROUS PLAY 8 FITNESS 9 ATTITUDE 10 OVERALL 9 OTHER COMMENTS Excellent display showed empathy to the players, clearly communicated his requirements and helped the game flow.
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    Gents Just a quick question, having AR'd the BUCS cup final on wednesday afternoon I had major problems with the crowd simply not getting back from the line despite being asked, told and having one or two toes squashed and referee intervention. Is it still the case that the pitches should be...
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    Wales v Aus 64 min Dump tackle

    Hi Quick question on the interpretation of this, in the game the Australian player picks the welsh man up and took him beyond the horizontal and did dropped/drove the player to the ground. Wayne Barnes penalised it saying that the player was taken beyond the horizontal. I thought these...
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    Maul Interpretation

    Evening gents, I had a school U18 game yesterday after which the two coaches wanted to discuss the same point of law which I had consistently applied. On one occasion each, I had a maul which was going forward went to ground and was buried at the bottom of the maul. I blew the whistle and...
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    RFU Image of the Game Questionaire

    Hi Everyone Just received this from the RFU and it says pass it on to anyone who has an interest in the game. Ben
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    Lions Games

    Hi As someone who doesnt have sky, and cant get it easily because of living in a flat. Any ideas where I can watch the lions games from home on the internet or such ? Ben p.s. by the way live in London
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    Yellow Card / Quick Penalty

    Just interested on other peoples take on this. About 5 mins to go in my game today and a play comes flying in off his feet from the side and kills attacking ball in the 22. I started to play advantage and then awarded the penalty, when to signal time off but the captain wanted to take the...
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    Sussex Refs

    Afternoon Could any of the sussex guys help me out. Friend of mine that I referee touch with is moving to Sussex (Worthing / Littlehampton) and had hoped to do the ELRA at Worthing, but he cant make it. Any other courses being run in the area over the summer or the person to contact ? Thanks...
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    National School 7's

    Afternoon Just wondering how many of us here got a little damp yesterday at the school 7's and who else is attending ? Ben
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    Some Questions

    Ok, I have a few questions based on my game yesterday, and I am interested in peoples opinions. Bit of background, yesterday I did bottom vs 2nd bottom at lvl 10. Two old boy sides. I gave a red card and 2 yellows. The red card was from a scrum, when I saw the no 8 of the side putting the...