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  1. Chogan

    Hold Hold Hold

    Anyone have an issue with a team collectively calling "Hold Hold Hold" while waiting for their opponents to take a penalty (not a kick at goal)?
  2. Chogan

    SL Grand Final

  3. Chogan

    Player abuse and retaliation

    I was having a chat with my cousin about his playing days at uni in England. I don't think he was playing for a uni side but the local club nearby. Anyway he was describing an incident where he was getting ready to feed a scrum. The scrum had formed and he was yet to feed, when his opposite...
  4. Chogan

    NRC Law Amendments.

    Anyone in Australia know what the options are that have been given to the public to vote on. Unfortunately it can't be seen by those outside Aus due to regional constraints.
  5. Chogan

    Ulster v Leinster

    Luke was busy. Handled the big moments very well to be fair.
  6. Chogan

    Players colliding contesting a ball in the air

    Either we now have a problem in the game or we don't?
  7. Chogan

    Brumbies v Blues

    80 minutes had elapsed, Brumbies caught and called for mark. The following FK was taken incorrectly and play continued till the ball was run into touch. If it had been called would that be full time or would Blues be allowed to feed the scrum?
  8. Chogan

    Physio comes on the field

    Blue player makes a tackle on halfway and gets knocked out. Play continues and red move left 10m with the next breakdown 5m further up the field. Blue player tries to regain his feet, has minimal control of his legs and stumbles to the ground. He is now placed between the attacking and defensive...
  9. Chogan

    Is he allowed kick?

    Red's kicker receives a :noyc:. 9:45 into the card there's a LO. The red bench ask if time on the card is up. The officials say next play. In the following play red score a try while still down to 14 men. Is this player allowed to come on and take the conversion? Or must he wait for the...
  10. Chogan

    Pitch advice

    My match on Saturday was played on what I would describe as a gluey pitch. It was clearly flagged, marked and a good covering of grass but the grass could have done with a trim. This combined to make the surface quite heavy. My issue is that when used to decent tracks that take a stud but also...
  11. Chogan

    Charge-down offside?

    Open play. Red player clears the ball from outside his 22 with a kick. Blue player charges the ball down and the ball travels towards Red's try line. 2nd blue player who was ahead of the 1st, reaches the ball first and plays it. I blow a penalty for the 2nd blue player being offside.
  12. Chogan

    Abusive language and restart

    Red score a try in the corner and as the bodies are getting to their feet well after the try had been awarded a red player arrives (he had not been on the ground) and yells at a blue player still on the floor. "You ginger prick you ****ing ****" I call the player over with a "you" and a...
  13. Chogan

    Gloucester v Perpignan

    On the 44th minute ref Leighton Hodges awarded a FK to Gloucester from a scrum 5m out from Perpignan's line. The ball was on Perpignan's side of the scrum and after he blew the whistle he "played" the ball with his foot to get it to Gloucester. Gloucester took a quick tap and scored a try...
  14. Chogan

    Refcam as a training aid.

    I recorded a 10min video of me refereeing my club at training yesterday. The camera was mounted to my chest and I was using it with the idea of making sure that I wasn't getting square to rucks. From a communication aspect it's very different as you know all the players names etc... Tell me what...
  15. Chogan

    Alain Rolland to retire
  16. Chogan

    H-Cup final

    Could you have penalised Delon Armitage before he scored his try under law 10.4(m)?
  17. Chogan

    Haven't seen one of these in a while. PAU vs La Rochelle

  18. Chogan

    Brett Gosper interview

    Gosper's interview from NZ in April '13 (18mins)
  19. Chogan

    Halagahu's high shot

    We've already seen and discussed Bergamasco's tackle on BOD. What do you make of the high tackle on Nacewa?
  20. Chogan

    Fillol spit, Bath v Stade Francais

    If you haven't seen it, Jerome Fillol spat in Stringer's face today, Bath v Stade Francais. Match officials missed it. No complaints there but what should happen Fillol?