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  1. andyscott

    Where are you this weekend? 2014/15

    Try this
  2. andyscott

    Dirty Weekend

    Yeah it was horrendous but at least the game was on.
  3. andyscott

    I cant see the argument

    Well, this is the match report, I cant see the argument of why it shouldnt have been???? Sounds nailed on to me. 'With XXXX on the attack, a spilled ball created an opportunistic counter strike down the visitors left flank. XXXX chased down the XX runner and with just metres to go reached out...
  4. andyscott

    The Cheats Charter

    So I had this today.... Yorkshire vs Lancs When I arrived the selectors for north of England approached me and an email from twickenham said that even if a player receives a red or yellow card they can be replaced and no team can go down to 14. So foul play,repeat infringements and cynical...
  5. andyscott

    The X factor?

    Ok so we all get told about elite referees needing the X factor to make it to the very top. Can anyone see it in Luke Pearce? I certainly can't. Or is it not, we want 18yr olds regardless of ability so we can mould them?
  6. andyscott

    Off to the Smoke Wimbledon vs Old Colfeians

    Any heads up on the teams, other than one seems immensely stronger than the other in the league? Also anyone recommend a nice hotel in the Wimbledon area?
  7. andyscott

    Offside at the tackle

    So a new one on me today. Could someone point me to the LAW that states the offside line at a tackle for the defensive side is the ball? Cheers
  8. andyscott

    Assessment Experiment

    Gents (and ladies) and even LLP. I wondered if we could get an experiment going, just out of interest from me. Feedback from players, coaches and assessors vary somewhat, obviously from personal perspectives, which is entirely understandable. But how do refs view certain things, we seem to...
  9. andyscott


    So this is why I never talk to coaches. L6 cup game, local derby. Very physical, needed to keep cool and concentrate. My coach was there, an assessor was there and I was videod. Hard fought game away team win and a few yellows in the game. Coach - good game Assessor, great game should have...
  10. andyscott

    TMO Bottling it again!!!

    What's the chuffing use of TMO if they bottle the sanction. Tim Payne RC all day long!!! Are Aviva refs briefed not to use RCs???
  11. andyscott

    Farnham but not an exchange

    Any one know what the pitch and facilities are like at Farnham RUFC? I am refereeing there in a week or so but not the club, refereeing the Irish Exiles. Any info would be great. Andy
  12. andyscott

    Drug testing at the community level

    Well I know of at least 4 players currently on steroids for training. Does anyone know of any compulsory drug testing in the community game? if not why not?
  13. andyscott

    NLD - Paviors vs Matlock

    Any points on Paviors vs Matlock. I believe a local encounter but not more than that. No idea who my assessor is yet. Andy
  14. andyscott

    white boots attention

    So I have some lovely white boots, bought for me from someone who means an awful lot. Wore them at a society training day, lots of tongue in cheek tuts and smiles, so I asked an assessor what he thought? He said well you don't want to bring attention on yourself, so my reply? Well why do I get...
  15. andyscott


    Well in my 1st preseason game today, both level 7 teams. Everyone hated CTS!!!!
  16. andyscott

    7s Competitions

    So I am currently on a 7s 'circuit' Whilst attending these competitons from the South right up to Edinburgh there always seems to be a number of teams that withdraw or dont turn up. These are teams from National leagues through to invitational teams or even low league teams. Is this rife...
  17. andyscott

    Bryce Lawrence, what is it

    I am doing some self analysis of my management and looking at other referees. Watching the s15 game and Bryce is refereeing. Whilst his technical performance is ok, what is it about his management that is annoying me? He always seems flustered. Does he allow to much discussion that becomes...
  18. andyscott

    New Comms Kit mini Review

    Well I bought myself a lovely new comms kit. It is the Eartec system. Why did I want one? Mainly for an open mic for the referee, I was finding it difficult to ask the ARs to say "watch them behind me" as I sprinted for a line break, as I would have to find my PTT button. This and obviously...
  19. andyscott

    YoYo test

    Can anyone get me a copy of the YoYo test on mp3 or CD? Thanks
  20. andyscott


    Hi All, As some of you are aware I am currently out in Afghanistan. So while trying to stay fit, I have been trying to do something for charity. If people would like to support me the address is Cheers Andy