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    New Kit Bag

    I am looking at getting a new kit bag for the season, and I know we have discussed this in the past, but cannot find any old threads. Two questions: What do you use? Someone posted that they had a wheeled bag, which one was it?
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    National Schools Sevens

    So who is going this year? I am down for all 4 days for the first time. Not sure where yet as the info was sent to my home, and I am currently still up North. The website has a great picture on the front page that'll get crossref going again! You can however take comfort in this notice on...
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    Members Rugby Photos

    A few from the National School 7s a few years back. Was the first time I met young Mr Jackson, before catching up again at Durham. 2010 Durham U15 County Cup Final Team of 3 Rossendale vs Birkenhead Park Rossendale vs Chester Rochdale vs Penrith (Photos by David Nattrass)
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    "Quote" "unquote"

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    Stree Coping Strategies Employed by Referees

    Stress Coping Strategies Employed by Referees A friend of mine at uni is doing a survey of referees in England for his dissertation. If you fit into this category and have 15 minutes to spare, please could you give it a go. So far I understand he has about 60 results including 4 elite...
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    Video Camera

    As a University Referees' Society we are looking into buying a video camera to go with our just purchased assessor/referee mic kit. Does anyone have any recommendations as to which one we should get? I have asked our society cameraman which he has, but haven't yet got a response.
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    Google Chrome

    When using google chrome the bar at the top starting 'Home' 'User CP' ... changes and no longer shows the same options (see pics below). Anyone know why the change and how to get the 'quick links' back as I like the link to view 'Today's posts'?
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    Boxing Day Games

    Anyone else having a run around today to work off that excess dinner yesterday? I am off to do Old Alleynians vs Old Whitgiftians at 2pm. Am told the pitch is wet but playable, fingers crossed. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas yesterday.
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    Exchange Time

    Am off to the East Midlands tomorrow for an exchange. Leighton Buzzard vs Dunstablians From what I can gather it should be a good game. Both teams are quite local and are close in the table (both won 1, lost 3). I know the post is a bit late, hey I have been helping to organising freshers...
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    Just my luck

    Well I have just had a call from the London SE re-appointments manager to say my game is off due to a confusion between the clubs and the society. He is trying to find me a game, but at this stage I don't hold out much hope! [fingers crossed - wonders are sometimes worked!] Shame as I was...
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    Rugby Times

    Does anyone read Rugby Times? I am thinking of subscribing. They are currently offering UK subscriptions for £50 for a whole year (40 issues, weekly on Fridays).
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    Referee Coach Course

    Myself and a couple of other referees from the uni are going to do the Referee Coach course is October to help us mentor the new referees we get. Has anyone done it and if so got any more information about it than the standard stuff on the RFU site?
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    2009 End of Season Gradings

    Well it is getting to the end of another season, I know we have a few more tournaments to go, but most leagues are now complete. Now is the time when some lucky souls go up, some go down and most just keep ploding along. Last week I received a phone call from the Society Chairman to say the RPC...
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    Tangential Thread

    Re: USA National Championships Isn't it a different celebration out there? Thanks OB
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    Cumbria Exchange

    I have an exchange tomorrow to Cumbria, my first at Level 7. The game is Keswick vs Oldham. Has anyone refereed either of these clubs? Any inside information? There are three of us going across from Durham, covering games at Aspatria and Cockermouth too. Should be a good day out.
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    Try? Clip is from the Crusaders vs Lions game in this year's S14. After a brilliant passage of running rugby Andy Ellis is awarded a try in the corner. Law 16.3 d) A player must not jump on top of a ruck Does this not apply here?
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    Scrum Positioning

    I currently in Australia refereeing. Today I had my second assessment, although they call it coaching here. The coach asked me what I was doing standing on the 'wrong' side of the scrum. He said that the referee should always stand on the scrum-half's side to regulate the put in. He said that I...