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    Sarries vs Ulster

    Hope Goode is OK Did Garces get the red for Payne right? What was it for - dangerous play?
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    RFU CRB announcement: General AND REFS

    Recieved this morning from RFU CRB Admin Officer Dear All, Please note this is for your information - A recent Government review, carried out by Sunita Mason, into the CRB and vetting processes in place throughout England recommended that CRB checks were scaled back to common sense levels. As...
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    Competitive Festivals at u6

    What do folk think about this In essence the AGV rule out competition below u7. How many u6 Festivals have you come across, are they competitive and knock-out, or what? Do parents get OTT even when Johnny has only just passed his 5th Birthday?? Had an interesting scene around this a while...
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    New Forum for Minis

    I think it would be helpful to have a seperate forum on here for u12 Mini Rugby. Leave the existing Junior forum for Youth Rugby u13 to u19 Start a new forum for Continuum Rugby? Youth and Continuum have very little in cmmon, especially when it comes to refereeing issues.
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    Minimum age to be a referee

    Chaps I have a 16yo on an ELRA Course, which is allowed (min 14yo) What is your opinion on the sensible minimum age for refereeing Junior and Mini rugby. Can one allow a child to referee the game, controlling scrum engagement and collapsing mauls etc.? I suspect not. Input most welcome, any...
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    Continuum Rules Under 11/12

    Mauls Having moved up to U12, and I think suffering from the schools u13/12 mix up. In a maul, the maul having formed - may an u12 ball carrier drop from the maul and thus turn the maul into a ruck. I read the Maul rules in the Continuum which say 'all players shall remain on thier feet' and...