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    No quick throw line out - "Marked!"

    Doesn’t every player who’s interpretation of the Law failed to align with the ref’s feel aggrieved, cheated, and generally hard done by? ;)
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    Penalty Kick

    To be fair, they were very inexperienced and needed all the help they could get. I often have U14 teams where they have a large number of players in their first season in the same are I also have a small number of teams with large ex-pat community (several big corporations in one corner of the...
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    Quick tap and go with own team if front of kicker

    I was thinking about while rereading the PK laws due to another thread, but the scenario I describe happened a few years ago (Wales v England, so probably 6N?). 2-part question - Law then Game Management. White infringe at ruck in their 22, PK awarded to Red. Mark is in middle of pile of...
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    Penalty Kick

    Nothing so nefarious/cunning - earlier PK they ran the clock down waiting for the tee and ended up taking a rushed and unsuccessful drop-kick from a decent position. The coach was somewhat dischuffed and made it clear that this was not going to happen again so they made sure the tee was on asap...
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    Penalty Kick

    Have seen a few times when a penalty has been given and a runner sprints on with water and tee but the kicker only takes the water. Once they take the tee, I take that as indicative of a shot at goal rather than just the tee being on the pitch.
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    An excellent performance

    I think there should also be an element of not only should it be objective and free from bias, but it should be visibly objective and free of bias. Given where we are now with digital feeds there should be a mandate that for a tier 1 international (where they are most likely to have the funds...
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    Penalty Kick

    Not so sure on that - I’ve certainly seen several teams with stunning mismatch between ambition and execution. I could see this happening.
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    Was this ball correctly dropped?

    On a note of TMO tools, is this a situation where the “smart” ball would be able to detect the drop kick by say detecting a change in direction and either a moderate acceleration followed by a rapid acceleration (bounce then booted) vs. a change in direction with only a rapid acceleration...
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    An excellent performance

    It would seem that at least one lesson has been learned from the first test.
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    Dealing with Injuries

    Hmm… So leaves the pitch because injured. Ok, no issues. Then comes back on to stop the game … I think I could argue that’s under 3.7 If a player re-joins or a replacement joins the match without the referee’s permission and the referee believes the player did so to gain an advantage, the player...
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    "The law says team going forward, not team in possession."

    So if Possession is controlling or attempting to control the ball, can we use that combined with whoever played the ball last? If neither jumping player has touched the ball, and I blow the whistle before anyone else touches the ball then team last in possession is kicking team. If either...
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    If they can still play - so is physically OK but has just found out they are not STE “enough” then I think they stay in place in the UC front row. However, if you then take a moment to consider what your decision would have been if the team had declared they were out of STE players in the first...
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    Head-on-head collision by two players in the air after a kick, what's the decision?

    This always sticks in my craw when I watch an elite match and see the jumper essentially get a free shot on a well placed receiver. I’m not talking about cynically or recklessly taking a player out in the air, but where there is a good, high kick and and the receiver gets in the perfect spot to...
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    What's your approach management of numbers in the Lineout?

    Definitely a get out of jail card. Most teams I have aren’t clued up enough to try this, but I’d assume it’s the same length of time for a kicker to pause before they can be charged.
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    What's your approach management of numbers in the Lineout?

    Most teams I have will respond if the oppo calls for numbers, but officially (as per the US GMG below, which specifically calls this out) that onus is all on me. Personally I find it a pain when they are not sharing then the form and go quickly and I’d prefer if it became standard to declare a...
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    YC or extra 10m

    W8 never got back 10m so fair penalty there, and looks like ran back but joined the ruck in at the side too. Was the YC harsh? Well, did it work - did the teams clean up their play?
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    @Phil E - that’s my go to as well. The earliest modern law is 2003, the exclusion was in there then (IRB 2003 Laws)
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    Do we not apply judgment and equity all the time and call it “game management”? As noted by Balones: I have to agree with that approach. I will be a lot more chatty for say a U14 match with lots of green players vs. say College/Adult level but only across the match as a whole. I’m there to...
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    Dropped ball in maul

    If they’re facing their GL in the middle of the maul and drop the ball, odds on the player behind them is going to KO. if they’re at the back of the maul and lose the ball backwards, maul over play on.
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    Rugby Focused Law Changes - May 9th

    This is going to be a mess. How many players have to “compete” to make it contested? All, some, one? What if a team that doesn’t want to contest uses a single player, maybe at the very back or front, to make a token effort of a jump that would never work and leaves the other players static...