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    Uncontested scrums, no 8 pick?

    The No.8 can't pick up in uncontested scrums was a law last in place in the early 2000's.It hasn't been a thing for at least 15 years. Yet it is a law that most players/spectators are absolutely certain about and will tell the ref they are wrong at every opportunity.
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    Does a knock-on make a ball dead - or does the whistle?

    If you see a knock on, almost always take a pause and see what happens. Even if the team who knocked on looks like they have recovered the ball just wait a few seconds before blowing the whistle because you never know what might happen. Blowing the whistle in a situation like you describe...
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    Knock-on offside scenario

    I had a scenario in my game today that I want the forum's collective wisdom on. I won't say what I ruled yet because I want to hear what others think unclouded by what I actually did. Orange v Blue. First XV high school game for what it's worth. Orange restart after a try. They kick...
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    NZ v SA advantage incident

    In the NZ v SA game there was an incident that I think deserves some discussion. Owens appeared to play advantage for a forward pass from Green even after another offence from Black. offload from Green 1 leading to the break was definitely forward...
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    [Mini/Midi] Let's ban an 11 year old for life

    My facebook feed is full of people saying that we need to get tough and ban this 11 year old from rugby for life. I don't know what is worse; that an 11 year old would hit a referee, or those that are saying he should be banned from rugby for life...
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    Quickly taken lineout throw

    Rebels v Blues Super XV game. Blues kick ball into touch. Rebels hooker has ball thrown to him by a ball boy and then throws in quickly to a team mate in line with the Line of Touch. Blues players are not lined up or waiting for a lineout. Not clear if it was the same ball or not...
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    Highlanders v Rebels

    2 things for me. There was an almost carbon copy of the NRL tackle that put someone in a wheelchair that the referee decided was only worthy of a PK, despite watching it on the big screen. Referee missed what looked to me like a dead-set penalty try when a player knocked on in in-goal and an...
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    SA v AUS

    May as well start a thread cause someone has to. Plenty to discuss. I think 3 of the 5 cards were debateable (one of which should have been a RC IMO), the TMO appeared to miss an eye gouge when he was asked to look for foul play after a scuffle, there was an "advantage over" call taken back...
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    harsh YC & PT?

    I am not normally in the habit of bumping old threads, but a video turned up in my youtube inbox account that I had to share in this thread. It isn't exactly the same because in this case there was a tackle, but the essence is the same.
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    Chiefs v Crusaders - Diving on a player close to the line.

    Am I the only one who would have awarded a penalty try for this bit of work from Bundee Aki? I might well be, but then sometimes it is the whole platoon that is out of step and the one guy who has the timing right. Here is the clip Lets look at the law: 14.2 Players on their feet (a) Falling...
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    LURL down

    I notice that the site is down at the moment. Is there any word on when it might be up and running again? I only ask because I have a laws exam coming up that I am targeting to do well in. Are there any other sites that anyone would recommend?
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    Intercept attempt batted forward and then caught.

    I would be interested to hear if there is a broad consensus for the advice offered by SAReferees in the following clip: The relevant clip is The general thrust of their argument...
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    Mauls in the modern day

    I think the lawmakers and referee officials may need to have a bit of a look at how the maul is being refereed these days. It seems that the team with the ball is able to commit whatever illegality it likes but referees are very quick to ping the defending team. Here is a classic example...
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    Hurricanes v Blues Penalty Try

    It seems that this place is the only rugby forum where this decision hasn't had a mention. Does anyone doubt that this should have been a PT and a YC? I thought the TMO was exactly right, but it does raise the thorny issue of whether the "beam me up" philosophy is correct. I also think that...
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    Do we really need this many sub-forums?

    By my count there are 51 sub-forums on this board. I really think this is excessive, and we could make quite a few amalgamations. Having so many sub-forums mean that interesting threads can get overlooked very easily, particularly in the threads that are seldom used, but are often more...
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    Definition - Near to the ball

    This phrase occurs a few times in the laws, most notably in 15.7(d): (d) Players on their feet must not charge or obstruct an opponent who is not near the ball. Sanction: Penalty kick I notice that SAReferees say that the word near is defined by the laws as "within one metre"...
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    SA - Aus (2012-09-29)

    You are right that Slipper's entry was OK and that he was initially on his feet. The problem is that he goes off his feet and continues to play the ball. By at least the third in this series of photos (that I cannot upload due to an upload quota) his bodyweight is not supported by his...
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    McCaw "stamp"?

    To my obvious detriment I have lately been visiting some of the more unsavoury rugby forums of the internet, where the following incident is being held up as a great example of thuggery. Does anyone think this is worthy of a :norc:? A :noyc:? Or a...
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    Going off feet at a ruck.

    In the Bledisloe Cup game in the weekend there were two decisions that left me scratching my head at the time. After watching them again, I was still left a bit unsure of whether they were right or not. In fact I am so unsure about them I tried to make a video of the incidents to discuss with...
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    [RESOLVED]#186 early charge at a dropout

    I believe the answer to #186 is wrong. Question Reference Number: 186 At a drop-out, Gold #6 charges across the 22-metre line before the Blue kicker drop-kicks. The ball travels ten metres before going into touch. What do you do? A. Nothing; play on. B. Award a line-out to Blue where the...