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  1. Patrick

    New Score Card design

    Does it bother you when you have to change ribbons at the Half - 'cause that part would drive me crazy.... (sorry, that was a softball pitch, had to hit it....)
  2. Patrick

    New Score Card design

  3. Patrick

    New Score Card design

    Exactly - 1 Slash = Try, 2 Slashes (Cross) = Try+Conv. (Sorry about the delay with the full request to fill my card out - tons of server Errors on this site lately...)
  4. Patrick

    New Score Card design

    Come on - that's not a score card. Side by side: - Who are the Captains? - What are their number (positions)? - Where did you play? - Who won the coin toss? - What was the decision of the coin toss winner? - Where do you record Sub? - How do you keep track of how many subs have come on -...
  5. Patrick

    New Score Card design

    This is a reply from Crossref back on post #5: Step 1. Red scores a Try (5pts) (you didn't specifically state this but, can't convert from nothing so...): Step 2. Red successfully kicks for Conversion (2pts) Step 3. Blue scores a PK (Penalty Kick - 3pts) Step 4. Red scores another Try...
  6. Patrick

    Server error 500

    I'm having all the same troubles. Any help from the admin on the 500 Internal Server Error Anyone?????
  7. Patrick

    New Score Card design

    Here's a blank back - penalty side: - - - Updated - - - Why are you awake! I'm building as fast as I can....
  8. Patrick

    New Score Card design

    I've been using this one for about 3 years now. I love how simple it is both during the match and after (math...). What do ya' think? Sized for a 4x6 type holder but I had it originally sized for the smaller size wallet also. Patrick
  9. Patrick

    [Law] Vintage Law Books - looking to collect / buy

    Hi Guys (including women, of course), I've been out of the loop forever due to all kinds of crap (personal injury, sick, travel, coaching, etc.). So, with some down time, I've been collecting vintage Law Books. I've bought several (five or so) on Ebay but can't find many. Anybody know of a...
  10. Patrick

    Gate too narrow to defend or attack

    My learned comrades, I have a problem. I noticed a few years ago, coaches started teaching their players to do something called the 'pencil' when brought to ground. I'll describe it: ball carrier is tackled but rather then falling and forming a 'V' to pop, pass or roll the ball, the ball...
  11. Patrick

    Materiality - is it dead or just dying?

    Okay, okay, before you get the pitchforks out, this isn't going to be an argument - I promise. Here's how I'll frame it: - Background of why I'm starting this thread - Example THAT JUST shows some refs mental position of the subject - My SIMPLE argument - Backing out of the room slowly...
  12. Patrick

    No Wrap - into Touch

    Got in trouble for lecturing a collage player last weekend at a tournament for shoving a ball carrier into touch. I do a TON of youth and was informed that men's and collage don't have to abide by no wrap into touch. At the youth level, this is mandatory over here. And by no wrap into touch...
  13. Patrick

    Flooding the Ruck

    Do you guys know what 'flooding' is? Sometimes called Flooding the Ruck. I typed a much longer questions but the site lost it and now I'm just pissed off. So, this is more of a test and if it works, I'll type the whole question again....