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  1. ckuxmann

    Odd try

    On Saturday I had a level 7 exchange up on the Wirral. I perhaps gave the strangest try I've given. On the 5m line off a ruck the black scrum half, picked the ball up and took a few steps then threw a bullet pass to the 10, who happened to be directing his players. As the pass came in the...
  2. ckuxmann

    Dissertation help

    Hi, I'm writing my dissertation on the cause and effect of sporting competitions splitting up and the business implications behind this. I'm thinking of using the NRL, USARL/AMNRL, and Super League split; I'm also possibly looking at HEC rugby. Can anyone think of any other examples? Thanks...
  3. ckuxmann

    Rugby League Appointments Where are you this weekend 2014

    Well, the season is kinda beginning and I've got my first nonuniversity appointment of the year being Hemel A v Southeast students on Sunday. Hopefully a good match.
  4. ckuxmann

    YoYo test-Hints on running it

    Any hints on how to run the test itself? I'd assume run through the end line instead of dynamic turns but anything else on the technique of the test?
  5. ckuxmann

    Offside due to the bounce?

    Off of a kickoff red are kicking to blue. Blue 10 attempts to catch the ball on the 22, he fumbles it backwards behind the line, at this point the ball bounces behind the line, and then forward to a blue player ahead of blue 10, what do you call?
  6. ckuxmann

    What is a teammate?

    I never got this, cause if I bring on a tee, and an American style holding thing, it's the same as someone holding it.
  7. ckuxmann

    U15b game coaches

    So today as a favour to the assignor at a club did the U15 b game at a local club in the morning before ARing their women's premiership. Turn up everything goes smoothly until about 2 mins into the second half when there was a yellow card for a very late tackle, no issues on the card what so...
  8. ckuxmann

    Exchange Number 2

    This time I'm off to Manchester going to Oldham to do Oldham RUFC vs St Edwards OB. I've got a friend studying at Manchester Uni, so might make a weekend out of it. Am looking forward to this exchange once again :D
  9. ckuxmann

    Exchange number 1 of the season

    I'm off to Port Sunlight on Saturday vs Owestry. Looking forward to it. On a side note, anyone know where to find the league regs, I'm having a tough time? Thanks Cody
  10. ckuxmann

    Light weekend, 1 AR

    In terms of union refereeing I had a fairly light weekend, just an AR on Sunday (I also reffed League on Saturday). I came into the game carrying an injury that I picked up on Saturday. I managed to kick my self and bruised the muscle that lifts the foot according to the physio. It hurt, and...
  11. ckuxmann

    Match Video

    Level 8 Friendly Barnes 2s vs Ampthill 2s. Read my review here. Have yet to review the video but will do it shortly.
  12. ckuxmann

    Sunday 1 Sept

    On Sunday I had a tournament-Esher Presidents Cup. Good tourney with a lot of the top London schools (Hampton, John Fisher, Abingdon, whitgift, Brighton, and Henley). I did three games, my first game-Hampton vs Abingdon, my second was Henley vs whitgift, and my third was the final being John...
  13. ckuxmann

    Saturday 31 Aug

    I'm writing this on the tube on the way to my match. Yesterday's match was a game of two halves. I had Barnes 2s vs Ampthill 2s in a level 8 friendly. Final score 47-17. The half time score was 0-17, like I said two halves. The first half saw a higher pk count against Barnes, but nothing out...
  14. ckuxmann

    Season goals

    I met with my coach and my assignor the other night and had a chat on my goals for the season. Going in my 2 goals/key points are: 1. Pillars. Last season these were a point that I just lost and had it come up in most of my assessments. Need to make sure to push them back and do it early. 2...
  15. ckuxmann

    Weekend 1 8/23 & 8/25

    The season has started :D kinda... This weekend I AR'd Premiership U18s, TJ'd a RL international, and reffed England women 7s selection camp. During the Premiership U18s I had London Irish, Harlequins, and Saracens in a round robin. Some really good games, things I picked up are the pre-match...
  16. ckuxmann


    So my last season blog didn't go to well, did 4 posts. This season it's going to be one of my goals, might as well just use it as my personal post match debrief. I'm looking forward to using a technological based one instead of my paper and pen one. I think it'll work much better for me...
  17. ckuxmann

    When did RU outlaw the shoulder charge

    When was the shoulder charge outlawed in Rugby Union? Was it ever legal? Watching 01 lions tour and just had it popped into my head. Thanks Cody
  18. ckuxmann

    Question about played at

    I understand the concept of not played and played at, but came across a situation last night at a touch rugby league game. Ball is kicked a player attempts not to pull out of playing the ball, which causes him to hit the ball. So he's attempting to avoid playing the ball however, this causes...
  19. ckuxmann

    Scrum advantage

    Rugby League If a team were to knock the ball on before time expires, with the opposition picking it up, playing past time expired only to go knock it on down-field, not gaining any advantage. Do we go back for the scrum? Thanks Cody
  20. ckuxmann

    Reffing touring side tomorrow

    Got a call today asking if I can ref said yes. I'm reffing a mix of Ealing Academy and Wasps Academy (don't know if this is the aase(?)/epdg) or just the club vs Otago High School. This is my first southern hemisphere team that I'll be reffing. Any tips, and anyone know anything about the NZ...