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    Penalty Try and yellow card

    Hey Played a game and this happened but ref did nothing 5m out from try line attackingn ball 2 on 1 out wide and defending player knocks ball down as attempted interception. What wud u have done?
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    Linesman flags

    Hey where do people get there's? In my union we have to get them as union don't supply them If you can let me know
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    Pre match chat

    Hey, was wondering what things do we need to ensure are covered off before the game in the chat Want to make sure I got everything right Thanks
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    Hello, Wondering how I get my privileges changed so I can click links in posts. Thanks
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    Referee Watch

    Hey, I am looking at getting a new watch for refereeing, I want it to countdown the times of the half and also vibrate at the end of the 40 mins. I will be wearing another watch that will be tracking HR and GPS data. Have been looking at this. Casio Anyone use this or recommend another watch...