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    Anyone know anyone from the Suffolk & North Essex society?

    If so, could you let them know that I found a society fleece jacket in the referee's room at Colchester RFC today? I've left it behind the bar if they can work out who it belongs to.
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    Zak Hardaker is an idiot He's the one who appears in left of shot. We've had a lot of nice words over the past few years. Now it's time for the compliance department to put up or shut up. Will be very interesting to compare the outcome to the ton of bricks that recently fell on Paul...
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    Simple Video Editing (CONTAINS MANY LARGE IMAGES)

    Now then. Someone asked about video editing in the GoPro thread, so I'm putting together this set of guides to simple video editing, hopefully in three and three parts. That's three to quickly cover getting video files off the camera and onto a computer; how to install Lightworks, the least...
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    The wind at Allianz Park

    Anyone here been to Allianz Park? I had reason to be there today, and I'm just wondering if it always sounds like the posts and stands are on the point of falling down around your ears every time the wind gets above a gentle breeze. It's very disconcerting.
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    Quick restart after stoppage (Sarries-Sharks)

    Situation: Attackers have a maul pulled down about 5m from the goal line. Referee stops play for a penalty and to sin-bin the offender. An attacker goes down to a knee just in front of the mark. Referee deals with miscreant, walks slowly back to the mark. No whistle, no signal. Injured...
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    The Grauniad takes aim at concussions

    Part one: They're going all-in on this one, it looks like.
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    The forum has started speaking Dutch to me

    At least, I think it's Dutch. But yeah, quite a lot of the forums-generated text (but not all) now thinks I'm Dutch - and enough of it has got munged that I can't just go into the control panel and see if an option's somehow ticked itself, because 3/4 of the options are all in Dutch. Example...
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    Curry tomorrow in London

    Short notice this, but if anyone's anywhere near north London tomorrow evening (and why wouldn't you be?), the enormous Rugby League population of this forum will be having a curry. All welcome to join us, if you feel like a jolly good chat about the merits of bright orange shirts and touch...
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    Where's the mark?

    Simple question. Late shot on the kicker. Kick goes out on the full. Where's the penalty?
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    Warning: football to dominate news as Chelsea player literally kicks ballboy

    So you're 2-0 down in the second leg of a cup semi-final, the ball goes out for a goal-kick to the other team, you run over to encourage the ballboy to return the ball in a speedy fashion, the ballboy falls over on top of the ball, and then you decide that this is an entirely proportionate and...
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    I thought I was bad, assessor said I looked good

    This surely isn't a unique feeling, right? Did a game yesterday after a while out of the middle, felt rusty and not really with it, thought my performance wasn't 100% in half a dozen respects, came off, assessor said I did really well and looked good. Someone please reassure me that this...
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    Pop quiz: how many weeks' suspension do you think this got? The title does not exactly do the video justice; this is slightly more interesting than just another high tackle. The interesting bit starts at 1:30...
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    Cody Takes The Plunge

    Just had my appointments sheet through for this weekend. Elmbridge Eagles v Eastern Rhinos U14, referee Cody Cuxmann. Ecoutez et repetez! "One. MOOOOOOVE! Hold. Hoooooold! Go." "Two! MOOOOOOOOOVE! Hooooold. Go!" x~100 Bring some throat lozenges.
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    Policing to be done by private companies?????? Is there anyone at all who can look in the mirror and truthfully say that if they get mugged or their house is burgled that they are completely happy and comfortable to have the investigation...
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    The greatest last-play try ever.

    I've been waiting since last Friday to post this. Bugger Wide to West, this is how you finish a match off.
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    Defending scrum-half

    Yeah, let's have a thread in here, too. How far away from the scrum should he be allowed to go to defend the blind side? Had one recently who wanted to be at least five yards laterally away, and I brought him back in until he was a bit further than an arm's length off the second row (he...
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    Markers pissing about with each other

    Shiny new forum. Let's have a post in it. (Also, can we rename it "The Ruck Area" to annoy the other lot?) Here's a problem I see a lot, especially at this time of year (or in junior games). You've got a boggy pitch and players of questionable ability; I'm already overlooking a host of...
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    Furthest you've ever gone for a regular match?

    Today I got a confirmation call for a student game I'm travelling to Bath for. I live in North London, about 125 miles and two and a half hours away. What's the furthest you've ever gone for a nothing-special bog-standard played-on-an-open-field (not including exchanges...
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    John Holdsworth: Master of Communication and Tact

    This is from an early-90s match in the USA between Wigan and Warrington, intended to spread the game over there. Which obviously was a raging success, just ask Cody. One of the many things they used to make the game more comprehensible was this strange innovation of putting a microphone on the...
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    Bedford v Doncaster - Holding the flag

    Bloke with the flag on the far touchline's been letting it dangle near the ground all day like he's doing Doncaster Rovers. Has there been some official instruction at that level (similar to the one that says "thou shalt not wave the flag after a missed kick at goal") that says "thou shalt not...