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    How Do you mark the Line out? Just curious.

    Mark the defensive line on the 5m and let the attacking team set the gap.
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    RFU Council approves lowering of the tackle height across community rugby in England from 2023/24

    Twelve matches in total. One red in National 3 (level 4) and one in West 1 Reserve (level 6).
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    RFU Council approves lowering of the tackle height across community rugby in England from 2023/24

    I was in England, now in Scotland. I can change my society icon but not the national one.
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    RFU Council approves lowering of the tackle height across community rugby in England from 2023/24

    Going back to my notes, I’ve seen three red cards this season - two of the three were head on head contact in an upright tackle. Edit: Can a mod change the St George’s Cross on my profile to a Saltire please?
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    First Aid requirements 22/23 RFU season

    There’s a pdf here.
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    Where are you this weekend - 2021/22?

    As a clipboard carrier: 2 at level 5; 12 at level 6; 5 at level 7; 2 at level 8. Loads more initially appointed but cancelled due to Covid.
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    [Law] 50/22 from a FK

    Clarification from World Rugby via SRU.
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    [Law] Laws of Rugby Union - 1922

    A bit of an odd query but worth a try. My club has its centenary year in 2022 and we’ve started planning a series of events to mark the occasion. I’ve been asked to try to track down the laws of the game as they were in 1922. Other than contacting the RFU, any suggestions?
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    RFU - Business Planning Communication

    Just received an RFU business planning communication - swingeing cuts across the board at community level, including this: Changes in how the training programme for coaches and match officials is operated will be implemented from 1st July 2019. We will no longer offer a regulated qualification...
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    Question for Scottish referees

    Which Society covers the Dumfriesshire area? West or Borders?
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    [Law] Hand offs

    Starting to hear whispers about a new directive from World Rugby about hand offs to the head/face. North Mids are saying on their Facebook page that they are to be prohibited but there is no official source for this other than it was mentioned at a recent society meeting. This is what they...
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    Ladies' law variations

    One of my club colleagues is doing a ladies' match tomorrow. I said I'd ask on here about law variations. I've tried to find the latest version but I'm struggling. Is it still essentially the U19 variations i.e. 35 minute halves, max 1.5m scrum push, max 45 deg wheel etc?
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    Club's representative to CB

    Not a refereeing related query. I've been asked to be my club's representative to the CB. It involves attending a monthly committee meeting but, beyond that, I can't quite get a firm grasp on exactly what the role involves. Can anyone here fill me in?
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    My appointment tomorrow is the first I've had between two 1st XVs in the RFU league structure. I've not previously reffed a match that had anything other than rolling subs with unlimited interchanges. As it's L10, the teams are allowed 10 interchanges, but I can't find much about what is or is...
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    My first red card(s)

    Well I guess it had to happen eventually. Instead of relaxing and watching a bit of TV on a Saturday night, I've been typing up two dismissal reports. Nasty stamp, immediate big whistle. However, that didn't stop stampee exchanging blows with stamper. Oh dear. At least my discipline guy is...
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    ELRA 3 paperwork

    I'm busy at the moment filling out my ELRA 3 self-evaluations. Most of the questions are straightforward enough although the answers require some thought. However, this one has me stumped: "To what extent was your approach to the match appropriate?" I'm not sure what aspects I should be...
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    Offence I've never heard of

    Didn't have an appointment today so went down to my club to watch our seconds. As the title of this thread suggests, I saw a player pinged for something I've never seen before. Red v Blue. Red player number one knocks on. Referee sticks his arm out and calls knock on advantage blue. So far...
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    Approved Law Trials

    This might seem like a silly question but please bear with me. I've been trying to disseminate the relevant info re the law trials at my club: get the coaches involved so they can then brief the players before the new season starts. I've had a bit of resistance along the lines of "that's for...
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    Calf injury

    I picked up a calf strain towards the end of a match about three weeks ago. Managed to get through to the end but it was a struggle. Rested it for a week and it seemed fine so took my scheduled match a week later. Managed the first half ok but pulled up after ten minutes in the second half...
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    Ball kicked dead through touch in goal

    Red attacking and kick through into the blue 22. Blue player gets to the ball first at about the 5m line and kicks the ball backwards and sideways. The ball goes over the goal line and then goes dead touch in goal. What's the call? I think I was right in giving a 5m scrum to red but not sure...