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    [Line out] How do you resume the game for ball not going 5m?

    Hi, please look at this video How would you resume the game? Free kick Choiche (Scrum - Thrown In) Other Thank you
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    [Line out] Questions about quick line out and penalty kick

    Hello everyone, sorry If i ask two different questions in one thread but I'd like not to spam. Questions: If the ball goes out of the perimeter area, is a quick throw still allowed? (Assuming it bounces back or one player goes out to fetch it). Can you provide examples (videos or...
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    [Law] Replacement after penalty kick

    Hi everyone, i was asked a question and got it wrong (i answered no, correct answer was yes) A team is assigned a penalty kick, can they do a replacement? Why i said no: Law 3: NUMBERS [...] Replacements are made only when the ball is dead and only with the permission of the referee...
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    [Law] Offside and end of time

    Hi everyone, i was thinking about this scenario: Ref assigns an offside, team chooses scrum but time is over. What do I do? a) Assign Scrum b) End of the half/game 11.1(c) Offside and moving forward. When...
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    [Maul] Offside and joining the maul inside goal line, any differences?

    Hello everyone, here are the laws: 17.4 (a) The offside line. There are two offside lines parallel to the goal lines, one for each team. Each offside line runs through the hindmost foot of the hindmost player in the maul. If the hindmost foot of the hindmost player is on or behind the goal...
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    [Law] Pushing away a player picking up the ball from the ground

    Hi everybody, I have a doubt: red player kicks the ball, ball stops on the ground, blue player reaches the ball (he's over it) and before he can pick it up, he's pushed away by a red player (who was in a regular postion). Here's my doubt: According to law 10.4 (f): Playing an opponent without...
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    Dragging away a player trying to tackle

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    Offside after tackle?

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    [Tackle] Offside after tackle?

    Hi everyone, please look at the picture: Blue 1 tackles Red 1, no Ruck is formed. Red 9 passes the ball to his team-mate, but Blue 4 grabs it (he was returning to his part of the field. Is this offside? Ball should be played from behind, but is Blue 4 to be considere playing the ball?
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    [Tackle] Dragging away a player trying to tackle

    Hi everybody, this is my first message and I'd like to ask you all a simple question: Red 7 is carrying the ball. Blue 5 tries to tackle him but they both remain on their feet. Red 10 runs directly against Blue 5 and drags him away, setting Red 7 free. According to laws: 10.4 (f): Playing an...