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    Ref and TJ not on same page

    What's posted before is spot-on - they both adjust as the ball is in-flight When the ball has past the post, the back TJ calls "now" and they each make their own decision. From grass roots, all the way up, they are told the importance of making their own decision and not just copying the other...
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    Goal kicking

    Don't worry bud, I'm sure you've won the World Cup morally, just like the Ashes
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    Direction of ball for successful kick at goal

    This is the only website on the internet where such a ridiculous question could actually get a serious discussion.
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    The ball hit by a tent or tree outside the field.

    Ahh but what if it's a really windy day and the ball hits a swaying branch that won't be in the same position for the other team later in the half 🤔🤔
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    RC player appears as touch judge

    Hahahaha... No way. This isn't a case of reading the laws and regulations to find out if there's a loophole. The game is not continuing with him holding the flag.
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    Unofficial referee signals?

    I'd also like a list of quaternary and quinary signals. Stuff the players, I want all eyes on us referees...
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    Football referee survey

    In related news, 2 percent of football referees are deaf.
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    IRL v FRA - Home Broadcaster Advantage?

    I'm slightly concerned with how many of you think the first angle wasn't enough evidence to say he was in touch... Less weight needs to be put on the live decision in these scenarios. The technology should not be hampered by a live decision that, in something this tight, is more akin to a...
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    Quick throw in, touches player before going 5m?

    If I'm not mistaken, this is one of the many cases where there is a distinction between the ball touching a player (accidentally) vs a player touching the ball (deliberately).
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    Time wasting

    Seems like extremely poor game management. Call time off, tell him to get a move on, and then don't start time again until he kicks it. Whether or not the Australian player could have handled it better, the referee caused a scene where one need not be caused.
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    WB shows YC for swearing

    I can see the fors and againsts for giving and not giving the card, but a sign that WB wasn't thinking the most clearly in the situation is that he is miced up and proceeds to repeatedly swear by saying the actual words. Not doing that is a thing learned at a low-level when the game is being...
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    Red Card?

    Tahs v Stormers Player slips causing him to take out the man in the air. Referee says he cannot take the slip into account, and as he was not in a position to catch the ball at point of contact, he has to wear the full responsibility for the dangerous landing, thus RC. Should the slip be taken...
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    I cannot fathom how the AFL still has no provision to send off a player in the top league. Just yesterday there was a huge brawl after the quarter time siren with plenty of punches thrown (went on for 90 seconds) and the umpires have no options regarding temporary suspension or sending off. I'd...
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    Sent off for diving!

    Everyone enjoy this. Just happened in the EPL!516446
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    Anthem Remix

    In the grand tradition of sport, the national anthem has once again gone wrong
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    Sunshine Coast Player Dies

    A very sombre day for rugby league, with the death of James Ackerman - seriously injured whilst playing in a Queensland Cup game on the weekend. To make this incident even more tragic, a friend of mine who referees but was at the game in a non-official capacity believed the tackle which fatally...
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    Big Willie

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    The Sunshine State?

    Not often this happens in Aus, especially Queensland... Test match postponed.
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    Contact with referee

    Player touches the referee at 54 seconds Anything in it? A word? a sin bin? A suspension?
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    Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma'am!

    One of the best referee falcons of all time. Straight to the snoz - ouch! For those Northern Hemisphere folk who can't access Fox...