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    dumbed-down terminology

    Just "advantage over", that didn't seem to be an issue. In any event , i don't say it anymore .
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    dumbed-down terminology

    He said penalty advantage. The players however liked free ball.
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    dumbed-down terminology

    When playing penalty advantage do you ever say "Free ball"? Players have told me this is useful (being easy to understand) but an assessor I admire once told me I shouldn't.
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    Cycling Expedition

    Thread Resurrection: My valiant attempts to pull together a referees team to do this has failed every year, this is my 13th and so far no joy. Even members of my own Ref's Society studiously avoid me, though maybe they do that anyway. I'm off on 2nd May but as a cunning way of using the tiresome...
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    Where are you this weekend - 2023/24?

    Looks like the new ground will be built near the cemetery... hope its not an omen 😬 Well, you shouldn't be getting any complaints about noise.....but if you do, be afraid....very afraid. Would the planning consultation involve town hall meetings, questionaires, Ouija Board etc? Cue puns...
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    Interception by knocking ball forward and gather?

    Here's how I see it; a knock on and a knock forward are different events and both sanctionable. We allow a degree of lattitude in identifying a knock forward, such as allowing a catcher time to gather the ball, but not to permit a player failing to gather and in so doing to get an advantage...
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    Interception by knocking ball forward and gather?

    Are a "knock on" and a "knock forward" different events? A knock on is where you lose the ball so it goes forward touches the ground / another player. A knock forward is where you fail to initially control the ball and in doing so propel the ball forward before regathering control. I think this...
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    Clarification on where the defending scrum-half may move to once the scrum begins?

    Ooookaaaay... which law says where you have to go at the start? Law 30 describes three options in the same tense, it certainly does not sequence them. It says the sh not in possession: goes to next to the other scrum half (option a below), goes to the back foot offside line (option b below)...
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    Clarification on where the defending scrum-half may move to once the scrum begins?

    Does the "non-possession scrum" half have to stand next to the "putting in scrum half" at the start of the scrum, or can they go to the hind most foot offside line even before the ball goes in?
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    Ending the game vs “coaching”

    I think I heard the referee (in the game where Hartley was sent off) answer a question by telling the kicker he had to tap it first. Nothing wrong with that, though I think the kicker ignored him. And the rest is history.
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    Kick Off Not Going 10 Metres

    I am so sorry...its there in black and white. Stand down everyone.
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    Kick Off Not Going 10 Metres

    I've just noticed that in the current version of the laws, if a kick doesn't go 10 metres there doesn't appear an option for the receiving team to play the ball, thereby accepting the kick and playing on. Here's the current wording The ball must reach the 10-metre line. Sanction: The...
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    Charge down puts oppo on side

    I don't get why you are offside if it touches the player but not offside if she charges it down. Why do the laws need to differentiate between touch and played?
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    Charge down, teammate in front picks up ball and runs's how I'm describing it to new players: There's a 10 metre law where you can be criminally offside....offside just for being there when the ball comes down, unless its come off a chargedown. Sorted.
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    They have to wait for us sir?

    This "its OK to go with two in each line" is the kind of thing players should learn from their coaches, not on the pitch from us. I wish there was a way of referees feeding back to the clubs common problems. The other refs would see it too :) Common problems I find are defending a quickly...
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    New law clarification from WR

    I am seeing it as a rucker cannot join the play until he's gone back to the hindmost foot, so the ruck has to break up from the back, so if a twister is nearest to the opposing scrum half he cannot sack the scrum half until his team mates behind him (who haven't twisted or have been twisted into...
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    Dear America....

    Herewith a photo of student-me, with glasses as protection of sorts against the chemicals, doing a night shift to clean Trump's plane.
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    [Tackle] This did not seem right.

    At the end of last season I was reffing a Level 9 game. In open play a white player, attacking, is held by a Black player. A few moments later, a second Black player crashes into the held White player from the White Player's side. This second player did use his arms to tackle. It did not seem...