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    [Law] What would you do next? Apart from abandon the game.
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    [6N] Maku

    The first Ireland try, which is some amazing work from him. Even without changing the brightness, the height of the ball felt off
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    [Tackle] TWOL and "using it"

    In the Munster vs Exeter game, Exeter set up what looked like a tackle with offside lines to create a situation for the 9 to clear. If this was a ruck, the referee could call use it (as it's been clearly won by Blue) and give them 5 seconds to use it. However, I...
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    Spain v Belgium referee

    There's been a lot said elsewhere about the Spain vs Belgium refereeing. So much so that it's prompted World Rugby to get involved. However, out of everything said, what I'm most disappointed in is a supposed referee of 7 years producing this video. video I wonder what he'd feel like if we...
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    [Law] Removal of post-protector mid-game

    Here's one I've never seen before. In the Bay of Plenty v Counties Manukau game this weekend, BOP are attacking the CM line. One of the CM players removes the post-protector (let's assume he just wanted to defend the line more easily and it wasn't a more cynical removal). The referee...