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    Quick Line out (not quick throw in)

    If black got the ball in touch, you decide there are 2 players from each team at the line of touch so you call "lineout set" or however you let the teams know the QTI is no longer an option. Right after you call this the black player throws the ball in straight along the line of touch to the...
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    More of a rather humerus story than anything to lighten your day, I figured I'd share the story of how I learned of the mark rule. I started playing at 23 and in my first season was playing wing. and we were only a few games in. We kicked and I chased and their one player caught the ball whilst...
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    YC when ball out of play

    I had a game today where ball was kicked into touch, blue throw, Purple player had picked up the ball. Not sure if something was said but purple was pissed off and threw the ball at a blue player and hit her in the back. not a ridiculous wind up throw, but definitely an im pissed off at that...
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    New Zealand/Australia

    This article popped up on my news feed as an analysis on the scrums in the last nz aus game. Thoughts?
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    kick not 10 played?

    Today I had a restart that was kicked and landed 7m which took an odd bounce and struck a receiving player that had entered the 10m area but whom I don't think intended to play it. Is that considered ball played and play on or not 10 option. I guess a second question that was asked before that...