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  1. Dave Sherwin

    [Law] Box kick blockers

    Has there been a thread / discussion recently around the interpretations being applied to those "ruckers" who are clearly joining said ruck solely to be blockers for the box-kicking scrum-half. There seem to have been a number of different interpretations on this at elite level as the season...
  2. Dave Sherwin

    Level 1.5 course!

    I'm off up to the Bahamas in January to referee their promotion/relegation play-off in respect of the North America and Caribbean Rugby Association Championship and, on the Sunday, will be delivering a workshop to their existing referees on current issues etc. All of the refs have L1, but many...
  3. Dave Sherwin

    Northampton v Gloucester

    I've only been able to watch the first half so far, but I just thought it worth commenting on as what I felt was a truly brilliant half of management from Greg Garner with Dixy and Ash Rowden. Whether one agrees with all the decisions or not, I just thought that, especially given the horrendous...
  4. Dave Sherwin

    Interesting one
  5. Dave Sherwin

    Sale v Northampton

    Did anyone else feel that Matt Carley's first 20 minutes or so were rather dominated by "gotcha" penalties, a few of which were rather doubtful calls? I thought the first scrum penalty against Sale was dubious as was, to my mind, the first line out penalty against Wood for contact in the air...
  6. Dave Sherwin


    Great question from an up and coming ref. Have any of you ever penalized someone under 16.2(a) without instead penalizing for off feet (assuming they do go off feet), sealing off etc.?
  7. Dave Sherwin

    Scrum half in the pocket

    From the newly released USA Rugby Game Management Guidelines (which I was just looking at out of interest, do not have to apply and know sometimes have their faults (the receiver joining the lineout one having been a good example in the past)): Defending scrum halves are not to position...
  8. Dave Sherwin

    USA Rugby National Development Summit

    Any of our US, Canadian or other NACRA region refs going to be attending this? I'm aiming to make it as the programme looks good. Alain Rolland as final speaker of the day.
  9. Dave Sherwin

    Gloucester v Bath

    Poor old Greg Garner had a torrid time with the scrum in the West Country derby with no completed scrum for at least the first 60 mins (I've still got 20 to watch). It was interesting that when BT Sport spoke to Yann Thomas, he was talking about "getting a good hit". I also thought it was...
  10. Dave Sherwin

    Positioning quandry

    This is one I have been thinking about for nearly 18 months. In the 2013 NACRA final, USA had a five metre attacking scrum roughly half-way between the right-hand upright and the right-hand 15 metre-line (for all purposes, I am imagining that we are viewing things from behind the USA team)...
  11. Dave Sherwin

    Tidbits and ideas

    Thought it might be interesting to have a thread where people share little things they have picked up from others (whether showbiz, panel level or grassroots, or anywhere inbetween) which they like and might look to incorporate or use. Could be a specific position, or a phrase used by a ref...
  12. Dave Sherwin

    Maintaining penalty count

    We have an up and coming referee who is doing very well in a multitude of areas, so this is only a minor issue, but they are really struggling with being able to maintain a handle on each team's penalty count. I'm struggling a little to come up with good ideas to assist him on this as it isn't...
  13. Dave Sherwin

    Whistle tone

    Back when I was in the UK and the beneficiary of regular coaching / assessment, I was regularly praised for my penalty whistle tone which was (and remains) censorious in nature. I notice in the last couple of seasons that the penalty whistle tone used by some (though not all) of the Premiership...
  14. Dave Sherwin

    One that got away

    So, for the first time in about three years, I had "one of those games", where no matter what management tools I brought to bear, the game just slowly (or at times rapidly) spiraled out of control. I would have gone home desolate, but for the fact that (unusually) I was doing two games back to...
  15. Dave Sherwin

    Leicester v Toulon

    Anyone else feel that there is becoming something of a trend for a single very dominant shove on a scrum to be rewarded with a penalty even if the retreating pack hasn't actually yet done anything wrong. Case in point being the scrum on approx 45 mins in the Leicester v Toulon game where...
  16. Dave Sherwin

    Positioning -newish trend

    I noticed that from somewhere around the middle of last season, top level refs had started standing in what I was always taught was the 'zipper' position at the back of the lineout - essentially looking down the gap. When I was last being regularly assessed in domestic matches this was...
  17. Dave Sherwin

    New Law 3.5

    Morning all, Just checking your reading of something under the newly (and generally helpfully) codified laws. Law now is very clear that you can replace 3 FR and 5 other players. Given this, a couple of scenarios: Starting TH is replaced (tactical). Replacement TH gets injured. We know...
  18. Dave Sherwin

    Irish v Bath - Garner

    Anyone else watch Irish v Bath - St Patrick's Day game? I thought Mr Garner had a curiously off day, almost as if he had had no sleep the night before. Often looked a little befuddled by what was going on, hugely reliant on his ARs, gave an odd (though subjective) decision on obstruction for...
  19. Dave Sherwin

    IRB dispenses with Yes 9

    So, as predicted formal release from IRB dispensing with Yes 9. Any ideas on what constitutes non-verbal communication? From: <> Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2014 13:18:46 +0000 To: <[redacted]> ReplyTo: <> Subject: IRB Media Release: IRB Further Empowers Referees at...
  20. Dave Sherwin


    Had a wonderful weekend refereeing in Cayman at the North America and Caribbean Regional Sevens which were great fun. Ended up getting the ladies cup final (Canada v Mexico) which was great. However, I don't get to ref a lot of sevens and had difficulty throughout the week with my depth behind...