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    Understood, and that's a lot clearer, thanks! My earlier perception (and I think that of others) was that you would respond in the way that ref did, which is clearly Not Good.
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    I'm not telling you anything, besides that in nearly 40 years of rugby I've never had it happen in a game I was in, so I didn't consider you meant that as the case. That's all. I have been in a match in the weaker scrum, where our captain wasn't confident the ref could keep the scrum safe and...
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    Oh, I see, that wasn't a possibility I (or seemingly anyone else) entertained. Do you have players who ask to go uncontested and then shrug when you ask why? I've never come across that in years as a (tight five) player or a ref, but it might be a local thing.
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    You said that you wouldn't allow scrums to go uncontested if you believed the players were gaming the system, post #37. In #45 you're saying that you'd need a 'good reason' to go uncontested. This means that you're judging whether or not scrums are safe to continue over and above the...
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    Retying your boots and throwing the ball away: - doesn't rely on self-reporting from the player - doesn't risk extremely serious injury if you're wrong A decision on what is a "fake" injury has safety consequences, which trump spirit of the game consequences. As referees, it's not our job (or...
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    Head-on-head collision by two players in the air after a kick, what's the decision?

    If it were foul play, so recklessly leaping in without a reasonable chance of contest (or cynically aiming to hit the receiver in the air).
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    France v Italy - potential spoiler

    You bolded the end time, but not the begin. Garbisi hadn't started his approach to kick, with resetting the ball. By the time he did, I believe the chargers were all back and settled.
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    Where are you this weekend - 2023/24?

    Nasty fracturen, many sympathies! Was it an accident or a stress fracture? Hope it clears up as soon as you can hope/expect!
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    Professional Truck and Trailer

    He was behind, no obstruction. They felt the ex-maul was obstructing their players. It was one of those moments where I felt right, but everyone was so convinced otherwise I started to wonder. Felt a bit like the line length test: :D
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    Professional Truck and Trailer

    Right, got you. I ask because last season there was an attacking maul in the 22 that turned about 60 degrees, and the BC broke off the back and sprinted for the line (with one teammate half bound/close by) to score. The defending team were adamant that it was obstruction/truck and trailer, and...
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    Professional Truck and Trailer

    Well, quite. So how is it different from breaking off from the maul and carrying on? Unless unbinding with the ball is the problem.
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    Professional Truck and Trailer

    So the ball has to be passed away? Or can the 9 pull it out of the maul and go for a run himself?
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    Yellow card after try, after time

    If you're that worried, you should abandon the match - which you're effectively doing by ending it in contravention of the laws. Unless it is exceptionally nasty-looking, to the point you would abandon it at any other point in the game, I'd call the captains over, manage it, and play on.
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    Probable is (must be!) good enough for the ref decision. To *overturn* a ref's on-field decision you need incontrovertible evidence.
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    Headline news or hidden away?

    Except it's not comparable to buying and selling drugs, but to assault. There are emotional and social/cultural reasons that are beyond the scope of World Rugby to solve, but they can at least demonstrate a deterrence and give a signal that these people aren't as anonymous as they think (which...
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    Headline news or hidden away?

    Telling a ref that their kids need to watch their backs, or messaging a ref's wife death threats, goes a little beyond "venting spleen". Don't play down criminal behaviour, please.
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    Knock on from a last play kick off

    Because the logical capacity of a tight-5 player after 80 minutes of rugby might not stretch to the possibility of the opposition retrieving it..?
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    The skill and luck of the bokke

    This seems histrionic. Have you forgotten Gatlandball, or the 10-man style the England ground out their win with in 2003? Have you tried rewatching games from the 80s, where 5 passes or tackles without a knock-on were remarkable occurrences? Against that, the quarterfinals this year were...
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    Goal kicking

    I'm not sure why I'm treated to an eye roll for a suggestion, when there's a discussion going on about how to make PKs more challenging/encourage tries.
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    PK Advantages

    The variables are there, you can't throw them away. Either it's worth it to a team to play the advantage, which you want, or it's not and they stop the game and take the penalty/scrum. Personally, I can't see any team taking a penalty on the halfway because analysts have told them prematch that...