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    Octoberfest 7s 2014

    The 36th Oktoberfest Sevens tournament will take place in Munich on September 27 2014. Due to the limited opportunities for rugby refs in Germany, the management is still looking for a few refs. They...
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    I just awarded my first RC

    35 th minute in my 4th senior match. The match is messy and physical. Number 8 red is offside and tackles numer 10 blue high and late. Afterwards he pushes him to the ground and shouts something. I give him a YC and he walks off. When he reaches the sideline, he shouts across the pitch : "You...
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    Red-carded ref

    One of the local referees got red-carded :norc: and I think a 4 week ban after playing for his club's second XV. Are there any guidelines on how this affects his position as a referee or is this decision left to the local referee coordinator? What do you think is the right decision? The red...
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    Building a something in open play?

    Ball is on the ground in open play. 10 green dives near it and ends up lying in front of the ball. 2 other green players bind onto each other and stand over the ball and green 10. Red players arrive and seem to think it's a ruck situation. I award a scrum red for accidental obstruction by green...
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    SA - Aus (2012-09-29)

    Radike Samo would make a good offensive tackle.
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    What to do when another ref is having a terrible game?

    As we have a shortage of referees in the country, there's some pretty average refs around. However, it wasn't until I refereed at a couple of Sevens tournaments that I saw that there's some refs that have such poor communication skills and knowledge of the law, that I'm not sure you should trust...
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    In one of the sevens matches I refereed on the weekend, teams were showing up in blue and blue. One blue was a shade darker but there was no other difference between shirts, shorts or socks. Needless to say we were running late, short of refs and the teams said they'd tried to find other shirts...
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    Highlanders vs Chiefs

    I'd be interested to know if you think the management o this situation was appropriate? I'm not sure what the players go so worked up about - was the shoulder charge worse than it looks (=yellow card worthy?) or did someone step on the head of the...
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    Does Team need to have a receiver?

    I refereed at a 7s tournament on Saturday and the teams were having troubles forming the lineout. Blue had the throw-in and put 3 players in the line-out with no receiver. Red had 2 players in the line-out and a receiver standing 2 m from the line-out. I told Blue they needed to have a...
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    Mark at PK and quick tap

    I refereed my first game yesterday and it wasn't a disaster. Although I'm still struggling to get all the calls I probably got wrong out of my head, both coaches said they were happy with my performance and the local referee coordinator gave me very positive and useful feedback. There was what...
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    Crusaders - Cheetahs "playing the ball on the Ground"

    54th min Crusaders (red) -Cheetahs (white) - white #10 is tackled and offloads to white #14 - white #14 fumbles the ball and red 15 kicks it a short distance down the field, referee appears to be playing knock-on advantage - ball lands in the hands of white #10 who is still on the ground (and...
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    Safety issues?

    After having played rugby for a long time, I'm most likely going to referee some games this year. There's two issues I'm not sure I will have to do something about: 1. Some players in the women's competition wear hair pins, e.g. bobby pins (see wikipedia). Although they don't have sharp...