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    What do you do?

    So I just watched this video of a match in Poland. Considering there appears to be a full assigned team of 3 I would guess that this is a relatively high level match. The camera footage isn't the best, but I can see a few players throwing big punches. How would you deal with this situation and...
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    Law App Update

    So I got an update to my laws app yesterday and was wondering if there's anything that I missed from WR that got changed. The description of the update says "updated for changed laws". I already had the 2015 laws book in the app and nothing else seems to have been updated. Anyone know what's...
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    Touch flags

    We got these custom flags made this year from Konno (a company based near Toronto, Canada). They also make all of the Rugby Canada kit and flags. They can put pretty much whatever you want on a flag.
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    NZ v SA

    Re: Richie McCaw try or no try ? I watched it a few times, and I feel like he was close enough to being 2m away when the ball left the throwers hands. Here's a screenshot with the ball just out of the throwers hands (possibly a frame or 2 after it leaves his hands) and according to me RM is 2m...
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    Toulon v Clermont Final

    The split is close to 50/50 for French v non-French players on each of the 2 teams rosters. This is professional sport, so players will go to the highest paying teams when possible. Countries that require players to play domestically to play for the country internationally will leave for 2 years...
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    2 things from the Ireland England game.

    1) He's in touch, the call was right and the commentators, once again, show that they are clueless when it comes to the majority of the law book. Image below from one of our presentations (I believe it's the same info that SARU provides). 2) It should have been at the 5m line
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    Ding Dong Test???

    So with all of the issues surrounding head injuries and concussions and their affect on the players and potential recruitment for the sport, how is it that a top referee like CJ is allowed to trivialize the issue by saying "ding dong test" instead of "concussion test" during an internationally...
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    Unable to post pictures because they're above some "quota"

    I never had this issue in the past, but I just tried to upload a picture and it said I couldn't because I was over my "quota". This value seems to change as I just tried to upload the image of what I was told and my "quota" was now higher. I'm not exactly sure what's going on, but being unable...
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    GPS watch

    I've been trying to find a GPS/fitness watch that works well for reffing and would like some recommendations. I won't be using this watch for anything else as I don't run on my own and I won't be wearing this to practice. I've found lots of watches that work well for runners as you start and...
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    Match of the week

    Hey, So in Canada, my options for watching live rugby are pretty much non-existent so I end up having to specifically download particular matches to watch them. I follow Super Rugby, the ITM cup and internationals pretty religiously and I know the matches to watch, but apart from the knockout...
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    Professional foul/intentional infringement?

    So I might be a bit biased as I am Canadian and this happened in a Canada-Samoa match, but wouldn't this be considered a professional foul? The guys is getting treated 5 or so meters behind the offside line, play goes towards him, he stands up, disrupts the Canadian attack and then lies back...
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    New Nike FG studs

    Hey, I noticed these when Nike released them, but I wasn't a member here at that time, so I never thought about asking this until now. The IRB law clarifications state that the tip of a stud cannot be any smaller than 10mm in diameter. After having seen a few pairs of Nike's new FG boots, I can...
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    Obstruction in-goal

    So this situation happened to me a couple weeks ago in a club game (I was playing). I get the ball off an offload closeish to the sideline and once I had crossed the goal line I turned so I could ground the ball closer to the posts so my kicker would have an easier time (he was having a pretty...
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    Free kick drop goal scenario

    Hey, So I know you can't score a drop goal after a free kick (even if you choose a scrum or lineout option) until the ball becomes dead once more. But let's say a team doesn't know this or forgets they're playing from a free kick and goes through multiple phases of play, and then goes for the...
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    Off your feet

    So I know refs want continuity, blah blah...I like it as well, but I feel like refs are letting just about everything go aside from foul play and the really black and white calls. One issue I have is players diving in at the ruck/going off their feet. I don't want to pick on England, but this...